On June 25th, 2014, RE/MAX released the 2014 Recreational Property Report sharing the eagerness of buyers in 41 regions across Canada who were ready to head outdoors after the long, extreme winter we saw. Although the report showed that recreational property sales started slowly due to the cold winter and late spring, the summer has brought healthy activity and modest increases in sales. The report showed that the recreation property market is heating up, and it’s not the only thing seeing rising mercury this summer!

In total, the 2014 RE/MAX Recreational Property Report appeared in 216 news stories with an impressive 66,561,476 impressions. An impression is the number of times the report was seen, which means that through the use of print, online, and television, we were able to get this valuable information across to millions of valued consumers in Canada who either currently own, or are thinking about purchasing a recreational property in Canada.

Recreational Property Report

What is a Market Cheat Sheet? The report shared many broad, national trends regarding the recreational property market in Canada, as well as some specific attractions that define local markets. Whether you are in Wasaga Beach along the longest freshwater beach in the world, or in the picturesque Bruce Peninsula where the beautiful beaches and historic national parks attract buyers, no one knows the region better than those living in it. If you explored the report on Best Agent, you likely noticed some extra resources including a Market Cheat Sheet for each individual region.  These cheat sheets were designed to be an easy resource you can pull information from to share with your clients to help them understand and navigate their local market.

Why Should You Use a Market Cheat Sheet? Sharing the Recreational Property Report with your clients is a good start, but the difference between a real estate agent, and RE/MAX Real Estate Agent, is that little step that turns something from good to great. Everyone is busy in the summer, which means chances are your client’s won’t want to read 35 pages of information that doesn’t pertain to their specific market our region. With the click of a button, you can go above and beyond by providing them with the information that is relevant to them. Simply by downloading the report and cheat sheet specific to your region, you can demonstrate to your clients the value you bring as a RE/MAX agent or broker.

Other Helpful Resources: Sharing the findings of a RE/MAX report is easier than ever before with the tools and resources provided for you on Best Agent and on social media. Besides having a downloadable version of the resources on Best Agent, you can follow along on Facebook and Twitter on the day of the release for content that you can easily share on your own page. Look for posts informing consumers on a national level, as well as specific to each market. It is from here you can then share the posts that are most relevant to your area. This is a great way for you to share images and videos within seconds to avoid taking too much time out of your busy day.

The helpful tools mentioned above are just a couple items you can find packed neatly in your RE/MAX Toolbox. Whether it is to help in your day-to-day business, or a resource to help you with something specific, the RE/MAX Toolbox has everything you need to stay above the crowd when it comes to your business. Take some time to explore Best Agent, Design Centre, LeadStreet, and remax.ca to see what’s new, and to learn all the different ways you can leverage these resources in your business.