Converting a prospect into a lead and a lead into a client doesn’t happen magically. This process requires dedication. It requires time, and sometimes consumers require a little extra convincing.

The Q2 Market Share Reports are here and able to help you do just that, convince prospects and prove that you are indeed the best choice of agent.

Take a look for yourself; below are 3 Market Share Reports, comparing RE/MAX to the competition from April 2017 to June 2017 and show there are real estate competitors out there, some good, some great, but the bottom line that RE/MAX Agents are above the crowd and continue to have leading market share!



Scroll through the list below, find the markets you serve, pick from one of the two viewing formats available (portrait or landscape) and include this valuable resource in your marketing efforts today!

To help get you started, here are three ways how you can utilize your Market Share Reports and present them to your clients!

Top 3 Ways to Use the Market Share Reports

  • Because they are all PNG files, you can upload them to any of your social media accounts, helping educate your clients and making your Facebook or Twitter much more visual
  • Add your contact information to them and hand them out to prospects at an open house so they not only have something to remember you by, but are also reminded of how they can reach you
  • Who knows when a client might stop by your office, print a few out and display in your office as an easy takeaway or conversation piece

Please Note: The following markets were unavailable/not updated as of August 2nd and we will continue to check the boards for updates: Adjala, Sarnia/Lambton, Barrie, and Innisfil.