More and more cars, filled with families and couples are piling up on the highway trying to escape the city at the end of each week. Whether people are heading to their cottage or a well-planned rental, there’s no denying quiet time is of the essence and people like to vacation around beautiful scenery. Knowing this, there is no better time to release the 2017 RE/MAX Recreational Property Report!

Whether you scroll right to the featured locations you serve or read your way through the entire report, we guarantee you’ll gleam numerous insights that will inspire and guide your strategy.

About the 2017 Recreational Property Report

As real estate prices remain high in Canada’s urban centres, young families are looking for unique ways to finance their dreams of recreational property ownership.

In a recent survey conducted by Leger, more than a quarter (28 per cent) of Canadians with children under the age of 18 indicated they would consider selling their primary residence in the city in which they live in order to purchase a cottage, cabin or ski chalet. Other options that these potentials buyers are willing to consider include fractional ownership in a shared property, purchasing a recreational property with a friend or a family member, and renting out the recreational property they purchase on a vacation rental website such as AirBnB.

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How to Use the Report:

Not sure where to start? Here are a few real-world examples of where and how the Recreational Property Report will work best!

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For more information on what to expect from the 2017 RE/MAX Recreational Report, watch the video below featuring Regional Director Christopher Alexander!

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