Between February and May, homebuyers and sellers in your markets were reminded that RE/MAX agents are the most experienced and most effective agents in the industry.

Consumers were exposed to our “The Experience. The Tools. The Know-How.” messaging (through a combination of out of home and digital advertising).

2019 spring media campaign

PLUS they were served our “Don’t Worry, – WE’VE DONE THIS A MILLION TIMES” messaging, over digital platforms. You can see two examples below!

The campaign ran in a variety of mediums to respond to the changing habits of today’s consumer, including some new platforms described below!


1. Facebook / Instagram

Our largest investment to-date on Facebook/Instagram in an effort to increase our brand favorability with the younger home-buyer and seller.

2. Mobile Social Listening

It’s our first time advertising on Cluep, a mobile ad platform that targets people based on what they are sharing, how they are feeling and where they have been, on social media. (E.g., if a consumer complains on Facebook about their experience with a C21 agent, within 40 minutes they will be served a RE/MAX ad).

3. Pinterest

Another new advertising platform for RE/MAX, Pinterest allows us to zero in on consumers who are renovating/upgrading their home, and as a result, may be soon be buying or selling their home. Users are served ads within the app based on the words they are searching (eg., “simplistic home-decor”).

4. YouTube

Similar to 2018, we are reaching consumers by running video spots before the video the viewer wants to watch (referred to as “pre-roll advertising”).

5. Search Engine Marketing (Google and Bing)

RE/MAX ads appear as consumers search for homes for sale, competitor real estate brokerages, etc.

6. Out of Home

We relied on digital billboards for this campaign more than ever before. Digital boards allow the brand to shine more, in addition to reducing production costs – allowing to spend more money on better-located boards.

The Results

How did it all work out? All mediums performed strongly, generating well over 75 million impressions and surpassing benchmarks on key metrics like Video Completion Rate and Click Thru Rate. We will continue to run ads to consumers on most of these platforms in the Fall. We’ll also look at testing other innovative platforms that offer value and allows us to connect with our target audiences – your clients – to communicate the unique value RE/MAX agents bring to the home-buying/selling experience.