The RE/MAX Spotlight series features a discussion with a RE/MAX Broker or Agent making an impact every month. We uncover 3 secrets of the #REMAXhustle that help bring each agent their own success.

In the second instalment of the RE/MAX Spotlight Series, we spoke to Broker of Record Ricky Rathore of RE/MAX Empire Realty to find out what are his top 3 ingredients to success in real estate. Enjoy!

1. Go to the office and work there when you can

Go to the office – there’s a saying “the branches closest to the trunk are the strongest”. Going to the office regularly ensures the right frame of mind everyday.

2. Embrace change.

I don’t run away from change – I embrace it and look for new opportunities to leverage the dynamics of the marketplace. I’m constantly in tune with the changing marketplace and I think all Agents, experienced or inexperienced would benefit from doing the same. We all know it’s a challenging marketplace – don’t let it break you down – learn to adapt and also try to find ways to adapt.

3. Think with your heart, not your wallet.

I think with my heart — not my wallet. I always ensure that I add value to my clients and leave them in a better state than when I first found them. I wish for all of the clients I work with to become millionaires. In helping them, I find success both on a monetary basis and from general sense of satisfaction from life. If what I’m doing isn’t in the best interest for the clients to sell, I try to find the loopholes: help them refinance, take the referral fee from the mortgage broker instead of pushing for a quick sale and larger commission – pay it forward in general. When you have a brokerage, you want to run a poultry farm, not a slaughter house – take care of your business and your clients, and they will always give back.

Watch the video!

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