Running a successful open house is one of the most important aspects of a Realtor’s job. If done right, they can prove to be one of the best marketing methods for our listings and will help us generate buyer leads. Not only that, but they are one of the best ways for you to showcase your expertise and the professional services you provide. The tips below will help you perk up the listing, have more fun and creative freedom, and ensure the home sells quickly and at a price both you and the seller are happy with.

Host different types of Open Homes: Host a Neighbourhood Special Open House, or collaborate with other agents to arrange an open home tour in the area. The options are endless; all you need to do is let your creative juices start flowing.

Get creative with your invitations: Use BombBomb to send out video invitations and get dynamic content out to engage with your audience. Facebook Local Ads are also a great way to get the word out. Explore other social media platforms to create a buzz and turn it into an event that you promote before, during and after it has ended.

Collaborate: Get Local Businesses to collaborate with you to offer additional services they normally would not offer. A popular  local restaurant could provide some delicious food samples and the local paint store could have samples of wall colors that are trending available. Getting a Mortgage agent to provide financial advice can also be a great way to collaborate for a successful open house!

Set the mood & enhance the experience: Steer away from scents that could put people off (foods, potpourri, baked goods) and stick to fresher scents that are more appealing to our senses (Lemon, Green Tea, Basil, Vanilla). Use the TV as a space to play a neighbourhood video you shot and keep people engaged.

Get Techy: Try apps like Open Home Pro to create a positive open house experience. This app will allow you to get digital sign in’s from the visitors which eliminates all the mess and hassle of paper registrations. In addition, you can easily send follow up emails from within the app!

Bonus tip: Follow up! This one is crucial to make the most of all these leads you worked so hard to attain! Don’t let them slip away. Follow up consistently and aim for 5-12 touches. Use Design Centre’s free Drip campaign feature to assist with this.