As the #1 real estate company in the world, the RE/MAX red-over-white-blue branding and paired with the infamous RE/MAX Balloon is recognized globally and held to an incredibly high standard. Over the years, we have invested millions of dollars into building and protecting the RE/MAX brand, and our competitors know how powerful the RE/MAX colours and balloons are. Recently, our trademarks were challenged, meaning that competitors were looking to use the red-over-white-blue for their own businesses. 

Throughout the years, we have dealt with many competitors looking to use the RE/MAX colours, because of its reputation and what they signify – the #1 real estate worldwide and home to the top producers. After 3 years, we are thrilled to share that RE/MAX has won, and that the red-over-white-blue trademark will remain a RE/MAX trademark in Canada! 

This is a BIG win for our network, and we want to ensure that Agents are continuing to take advantage of all that the red-over-white-blue has to offer!



  • Compared to those who did not use red-over-white-blue yard signs, the agents who did use RE/MAX branded yard signs sold more homes on average in 2019 (RE/MAX INTEGRA Research).
  • Agents with RE/MAX branded yard signs earned more in 2019 vs 2018 (RE/MAX INTEGRA Research).
  • In 2020, RE/MAX INTEGRA reported 35 trademark infringement to LLC. This means that 35 competitors were using red-over-white-blue signs.
  • Based on a RE/MAX INTEGRA Brand Study 2020 (Google Study), 49% of consumers associate RE/MAX with excellence.
  • Consumers select their real estate agent based on the brand(14.7%) and the yard sign (14.6%) ( RE/MAX INTEGRA Brand Study 2020).

Our competitors understand the power and value of the RE/MAX brand, and realize the colours are a reflection of that. As a network, it is important to leverage our brand’s identity and represent RE/MAX on your yard signs and other marketing materials as consumers trust the RE/MAX, and they want to work with RE/MAX Agents. 

If you are looking to print your RE/MAX branded yard signs, RE/MAX INTEGRA has a partnership with Staples Canada as Staples offers specialized discounted pricing for RE/MAX agents for any order inquiries contact [email protected].

For more information on on the power of the RE/MAX brand, please contact RE/MAX INTEGRA’s Brand Compliance Manager, Sivani Vinayaga.