It has officially been one week since Camp RE/MAX ended, and we aren’t quite ready to let it go for another year. In an attempt to keep it alive for one more week, we are going to recap everything that was covered so you have access to all eight exciting weeks in one easy to find location.

A Look Back at Camp RE/MAX 2014

Before Camp RE/MAX 2014 is added to the vault, we also want to thank you for joining the conversation online and playing an active role in our virtual road trip across Canada. Since we began our journey on July 3rd, 2014, the official Camp RE/MAX hashtag collected a whopping 504 Twitter mentions with a total of 664,306 impressions. Campers joined us from all over the world, and distance wasn’t a factor when it came to our online conversations. While 82% of you got in on the action from Canada, we had 14% from the United States, 2% from Spain, and 1% from both Turkey and Bahrain.

Week 1: All Packed

Paperless strategies have been a big topic in 2014. In week one, we helped you sift through all the different tools available and provided you with 5 apps that will help you easily transition to being paperless. Watch a recap of the video to learn which ones will help you get started on your paperless journey, with a special focus on Evernote.

Week 2: Map It!

With so much available online, some people wrongly assume that the majority of their business can be conducted from behind a screen. We show you how to tackle this misconception by learning how you can turn your online connections into offline relationships. Learn how you can map out your online database and get a better understanding of the steps you need to take to turn them into potential clients.

Week 3: Flat Tire!

There is one word in business that scares many, but is one of the most effective ways to grow your business. Learn how you can build an effective network, and get the most out of them with a plan that will help you add value and network more effectively.

Week 4: Cruise Control

It seems there is always a new platform or tool that you should be adding to your online strategy. In week 4, we learn how you can manage all of your social media accounts, from one easy to use tool. Instead of worrying about keeping track of all of your accounts, Kiran and Andrew show you some solutions that will streamline your online presence to save you time.

Week 5: Light up the Dashboard

Stage fright is a crippling reality for some, but is something that is critical in this business. Learn how you can rock your next presentation and leave a lasting impression with top tips for presenting like a pro. Not only will you get the information out, but you will leave your audience wanting more.

Week 6: Pedal to the Metal

One of the hashtags that stood out among the rest during the duration of Camp RE/MAX was #paytoplay. We’ve all heard it and are coming to the realization that getting your message across on social media is no longer free. Learn how to create awareness, drive traffic, and increase your business through the power of paid social advertising in week 6.

Week 7: Scenic Route

The struggle with marketing is finding something that your competitors haven’t already done. To tackle this challenge, campers explored the top 15 out of the box marketing ideas for business. Whether it’s engaging with clients or hosting an edgy open house, you will have the information you need to stand above the crowd.

Week 8: On The Home Stretch!

Last but not least, we covered another big topic of the year with top tips for making an emotional connection with the use of video. Video is everywhere, and has become a large part of business strategies from businesses big to small.

Now that Camp RE/MAX is over for another year, you have until next summer to start implementing everything you learned. Make a list of the things you are most excited to try, and get started! Make sure you let us know if you have any questions about the materials we covered and we will see you next year for Camp RE/MAX 2015!