In 2018, RE/MAX INTEGRA introduced a unique pilot program called Accessible Trick or Treating. It’s a movement to make trick or treating possible for all kids by removing barriers that make getting candy difficult for those with accessibility challenges (e.g. staircases, steep or long driveways, crowded front entrances, or narrow pathways).

When a homeowner puts the Accessible Trick or Treating sign on their lawn, they are making a commitment to make their property accessible to everybody on Halloween. 


accessible yard sign 2

This program was incredibly successful across Ontario last fall. Over 2,000 signs were distributed by RE/MAX agents across their local communities, thousands of social media mentions were received, and millions of PR impressions on prime news channels such as CTV and CBC. Because of this, we’re bringing the program back – and it’s bigger and better. 

This year, 2019, we’ve expanded the program to be nationwide (excluding Quebec). In addition to be able to order custom signs to hand out to your current or prospective clients, starting on October 20th, these signs will be available for FREE to consumers at 160 Home Depot locations across Canada as well. 


We’ve made it easy for you to order signs in bundles of 10, (at a cost of $5/sign) to use in your marketing efforts this Fall.  We encourage to to order your signs by October 10th to ensure timely delivery. The signs should be placed on lawns one or two weeks prior to Halloween for maximum visibility!


Want to customize your sign with your contact information?

Download your customizable sign HERE and send it to your local sign supplier to design and print instead. 

  1. On your own lawn! Place this sign on your own lawn and commit to handing out candy on Halloween from the bottom of your stairs or your garage. Share what you’re doing on social media to show your network that you stand for inclusivity.

  2. Hand deliver or mail the sign to your existing clients requesting that they place the sign on their own lawns to participate in the movement. Ask them to tag you on social when they’ve set up their sign!

  3. Share with prospective clients. Use this sign to network with new clients. We know that over 80% of consumers would rather purchase from a brand that stands up for social causes. By showing them that you care and are trying to make a difference in the community, you could be top of mind for their next real estate transaction.

  4. Boost your social media presence and create an emotional connection. Create Facebook or Instagram posts leading up to Halloween with the sign. Dress up in costume, send a message of inclusivity, and have fun!

  5. Increase office morale. Create a challenge within your office or team space – the team member with the most clients using this sign wins!

Here’s some example of RE/MAX Agents from last year who used this program! 

Screenshot 2019-08-27 13.19.38

Screenshot 2019-08-27 13.19.26

Screenshot 2019-08-27 13.21.54


400,000 Canadian children and youth live with accessibility issues, making everyday activities a daunting task. This includes trick-or-treating on Halloween, the one activity that many children look forward to each year. Children with accessibility issues feel discouraged due to lack of accessible homes, particularly when siblings and friends can trick-or-treat on Halloween and they’re left behind. Treat Accessibly wants to change that. For additional details about the program or to share the full story with your clients, visit