A Lifetime Achievement award winner found great success at a competitor’s brokerage, but soon realized no other brand could support him like RE/MAX.

Since 2005, top real estate agent Marius Mitrofan has led a successful career. With the support of the RE/MAX brand behind him, Mitrofan was able to successfully grow his business and become one of Canada’s leading RE/MAX agents. Specializing in residential sales, Mitrofan found success early on and became an eight-time winner of the Platinum Club Award, a Titan Club member, a four-time Chairman’s Club winner and a RE/MAX Top 100 agent.

It was only when he decided to join a competitor’s brokerage that he really noticed the power of the RE/MAX brand and how well it supports the growth of his business.

“The RE/MAX brand is very powerful. I took it for granted in my first years … but I felt it last year when I switched to the competitor.”

In 2019, Keller Williams had offered to make him part shareholder in Keller Williams Romania, Mitrofan’s country of origin. He jumped at this opportunity to travel, work closely with new agents and share his experience along the way. While Mitrofan appreciated the opportunity and exposure he received in Romania, he soon realized that his time there was affecting his career back in Canada.

“First of all, it was not the same synergy, I felt it right away after I left, but it was too late.”

There were many aspects of his business that changed under Keller Williams. Mitrofan found himself taking time away from his listing presentations to focus on explaining the brand and its values – something he never had to do with RE/MAX. He realized that he was limited in the amount of resources and tools available to him and, unfortunately, Mitrofan wasn’t recieving the same recognition with KW that he did with RE/MAX. Becoming KW’s No. 7 Individual in Canada in GCI had been an achievement he was proud of, but the accomplishment wasn’t recognized or celebrated within their network.

“For me, recognition is everything,” he says. “If my work is recognized year after year, I have the energy and desire to do better next year.”

Coming from RE/MAX, a worldwide brand that values the accomplishments of its agents and celebrates alongside them, Mitrofan realized that the competitor would not offer the same synergy or support. It was then that he made the decision to return to RE/MAX.

Mitrofan’s time away allowed him to explore different avenues and better understand what competitor brands would offer his business. With that knowledge, he is confident that his RE/MAX brokerage, RE/MAX Prime Properties in Markham, Ontario, provides agents the best support, resources and brand recognition they need in order to be successful. With RE/MAX Prime Properties, Mitrofan knows the possibilities are endless, and he is excited to see more growth and greater success.

“If you want to be successful and to be recognized, RE/MAX is the company to be with,” Mitrofan says. “Here, the sky’s the limit.”