As a Miracle Agent, Ralph has dedicated his time and efforts into supporting the Children’s Miracle Network. With his own personal experience with the CMN, Ralph was able to see first-hand the impact that the doctors, nurses and hospital staff have in saving the lives of children and helping support their families across Canada.

“NOBODY wants to be at Sick Kids hospital, but we are all so lucky it exists. When your child is hurt or suffering, it strips life down to a singular focus, a singular goal – help my child! The amazing people that work within CMN help people when they are the most vulnerable and at their lowest point, we want to help those helpers.”  

When Ralph’s four year old daughter broke her arm, they rushed her to the local hospital. While they admitted Isabella, they quickly realized that they were not able to help and recommended they head to Sick Kids Hospital in Toronto. 

“The Triage nurse was amazing, they asked Isabella to describe her pain, ‘was it small like a mouse, medium like a dog, big like a horse?’. Isabella responded, ‘it hurts like an elephant!’, 

Isabella was admitted to SickKids and stayed in the hospital for 3 days. For those 3 days, Ralph and his family’s world came to a stop. While nothing can prepare you for the fear, concern and uncertainty when it comes to your child being injured or unwell, the SickKids nurses, staff and doctors were always there to help and provide comfort and reassurance. 

“The most inspiring part of our story was when we discharged from the hospital. As we walked out of the main foyer of the hospital Isabella looked up at my and said, ‘Daddy, can we come back here? This was the Best day of my life!!’” 

As a RE/MAX Miracle agent, Ralph and his team have always had the goal to help others, and CMN allows them to help those when they need it most. 

Ralph and his team has made sure that every home they sell, a percentage of proceeds will go to the Children’s Miracle Network. They also hosts client and community events that help support CMN through donations. 

“So many people have been touched by CMN. They may not tell you, or talk about it – not all stories have a happy ending. By partnering with CMN we are showing our clients that we care about helping others in a meaningful way. We are not just there to collect a paycheck.”

It’s stories like these that remind us why being a Miracle Home Agent can have such a positive impact. By joining the Miracle Home Program or increasing your existing Miracle Home Program per transaction contribution, you can make a difference in the lives of children across the country. By changing the health of children, we change the future of Canada. 

Click on the RE/MAX Cares tile in RE/MAX Launchpad now to make a difference in the lives of kids in your neighbourhood. For more information on the RE/MAX Miracle Home Program, contact your administrator or email [email protected].