See what the following Agents have to say about brand compliant yard signs and how they are leveraging it in their business. Each month we will be featuring a new Agent and their compliant signs – so stay tuned, and remember – a compliant yard sign shows your clients that we are #1!

ROB GOLFI - The Rob Golfi Team
See what Rob Golfi has to say about cohesive and compliant signs and how you can leverage it in your business.

“I’m a huge supporter of using the RE/MAX branding as it is instantly recognizable as the #1 Real Estate company. Aligning my name with the #1 brand validates me as an Agent. You may not be #1 but being with the top brand instantly validates you as a Top Agent. Millions are spent on marketing the brand, why wouldn’t I use that to my advantage?”– Faisal Susiwala

Helen Liu - RE/MAX Prime Properties
“The reason I joined RE/MAX was for brand recognition, brand loyalty and brand awareness. The Brand you choose to affiliate yourself with speaks volumes about your professionalism. Using the RE/MAX logos and trademarks, and having my colleagues use the same, increases our collective brand reach and allows us to build our businesses to ensure longevity and sustainability. The more RE/MAX signs on the street, the better it is for all of us” – Helen Liu

Phillip Maciel - RE/MAX Realty Specialists Inc.
“As a RE/MAX Sales Representative, consistency and attention to detail are so important. Ensuring the branding for my business is professional and uniform shows my clients what to expect from me right out of the gate, and there’s no better way to prove that then a great first impression using a brand compliant yard sign. Consistency is key!” – Phillip Maciel
Stay tuned as we continue to feature an Agent and their brand compliant yard signs each month!