After careful assessment of existing brand media placements, creative assets, and the marketing landscape in our current environment, we made the swift and calculated decision to pause our digital marketing campaign and the majority of our OOH efforts on March 17 in light of COVID-19. However, with our research showing consumers are now more receptive to brand advertising, we will be back in-market shortly (more details below).


A critical metric in measuring a brand’s health is Brand Favourability. Simply put, this metric demonstrates how favourable RE/MAX is among consumers. Over the past two years, our advertising objectives have been centered around driving RE/MAX Brand Favourability in a significant way. This year, we SUCCESSFULLY EXCEED OUR Y-O-Y GOAL, significantly driving consumer brand favorability. 

What does this mean for you? Well, the more liked a brand is, the more consumers want to use the brand’s products/services. We expect this will help make your lead generation activities easier.


RE/MAX saw a 10% increase in FAVOURABILITY, meaning the people who saw our ads are MORE FAVOURABLE of RE/MAX than those who did not see our ads.

The success of driving Brand Favourability was truly a team effort, driven by  the continuous, UNPRECEDENTED client service demonstrated by YOU, our RE/MAX agents. Congratulations!

Working in tandem were over one-hundred dynamic, net-new creative assets and a highly targeted digital media strategy which aimed to communicate the RE/MAX offering, differentiating us in-market from the competition. Our creative assets (pictured below) were humorous and light-hearted in nature, ensuring they resonated with our target audiences.


It was critical to ensure creative resonated with our target audiences in a meaningful, eye-catching way.



Despite having paused most marketing efforts, several OOH placements could not be cancelled and therefore remained live. In an effort to ensure RE/MAX messaging was reflective of the incredibly tough circumstances brought on by COVID-19, we worked quickly to shift our creative approach (see below). We know this is a critical time for brands, as our approach in the coming months will be remembered long after the COVID-19 crisis passes. The new creative, currently live and pictured below, positions RE/MAX as empathetic, and demonstrates humility in times of uncertainty.


New creative is currently live throughout the GTA, in both TSA and large-scale billboard formats.



Both personally and professionally, we are all adjusting to our “new normal”. Having been deemed an essential service, many of you have pivoted your tried-and-true business practices to ensure a safe and effective approach to selling homes. In an effort to highlight that RE/MAX is “open for business” and continues to operate as the leading brand in Real Estate, we are developing a new digital marketing strategy that will highlight the tools of a RE/MAX agent  – like Virtual Home Tours – that enable our consumers to continue buying and selling homes. Stay tuned for more information, coming next week!