It’s not always where you started, it’s the reason you chose to stay. When you see the iconic red and white flag flying high in the sky, it represents so many things, and it is different for everyone. To celebrate Canada’s 150th birthday, we embarked on a cross-country journey to find out the many reasons why #CanadaisHome. We visited homebuyers and sellers in neighbourhoods across the country, spoke to our Agents and Brokers in our many offices, and captured footage of popular Canadian landmarks.

From those who planted roots generations past, to those who fell in love with the culture, atmosphere and beautiful surroundings, here are 150 reasons from RE/MAX Agents on why #CanadaisHome.

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  1. I have freedom and choice.
  2. The freedom, beauty and diversity :)
  3. Peaceful country with nice people
  4. Born here, raised here. We are known as the friendliest people in the world. No matter what economy we are in, most people can find a job in their favoured industry
  5. The high standard of living and opportunity that Canada provides.
  6. Clean, safe and caring!
  7. We are free, beautiful, quietly powerful, diverse and interesting.
  8. We live in the best country in the world not only because it is vast and geographically beautiful but because of the diversity and attitude of tolerance of our people.
  9. This is my birth place this is my home. We enjoy a very good life here
  10. The West Coast and all the outdoor activities we can do year round. The People and their backgrounds from all over the world
  11. I can’t think of anywhere I’d rather live. Canada is an amazing Country with beauty in every Province. And, I live in Vancouver where the Mountains, Ocean, Lakes, Parks, Cities provide amazing activities for all
  12. We live in a country that still helps each other. Our medical system is an example. We continue to compare and be compared to the US system. Wait times come up as a reason to change as well as other problems. I have a new grandchild born in the hospital with all the safeguards and our system allowed this to happen with no muss or fuss or huge bills from the hospital. I think we still have each other’s back, not at each other’s back.
  13. I love Canada for our medical system and it’s beauty. I call it home because I’ve been here my whole life.
  14. It is my country of birth for many generations. My grandparents fought in the war for our freedom. FREEDOM – we enjoy peace in our beautiful Country
  15. Rugged North American wilderness attracted many to it for its safe haven. It’s natural beauty and majesty in spite of its rugged terrain Became a modern haven for all nations that we call home
  16. Forth Generation Canadian and this is the best place in the world to live
  17. Because it really is The True North Strong and Free where it does not matter your heritage, religion etc We Are Canadian and their is opportunity for everyone.
  18. Speaking for just British Columbia, I love how we have the beautiful mountains oceans and lakes. We can snowboard, hike, swim, boat and scuba dive all in one day 🙂
  19. I love Canada because it is one of the most beautiful, safe, and multi-cultural countries in the World. When it comes to home ownership in Canada we all have the opportunity to achieve a home to call our own with as little as 5% down payment and good credit.
  20. Better systems, equal opportunities, no religious mess, beautiful
  21. Been elsewhere, always love coming home. Small population in very large country, by comparison. Beautiful country…….
  22. The environmental and urban diversity of Canada is fascinating. We are living in the most beautiful country in the world. Canadians are peaceful, considerate and polite.
  23. Safety, beauty, people
  24. I love our polite and generous people and common sense of caring for each other.
  25. Born and raised in Vancouver/Burnaby. Travelled the world but the vibrant, natural settings in Canada, freedom of opportunities and meld of cultures who commonly desire peace is priceless.
  26. Safe. Clean. Family.
  27. The diversity of allowing everyone to be who they are. The safety of our cities & towns.
  28. I love Canada and I am proud to be Canadian because we live in a stunningly beautiful yet rugged country where the people are friendly, helpful, resourceful, united and proud!
  29. Clean, safe, not a political hot head, from coast to coast a variety nature’s beauty with wonderful people
  30. I’m a third generation Canadian. I love the open spaces and diverse topography.
  31. Wonderful kind people
  32. The acceptance of people from all countries into our communities
  33. Safe to raise a family. Great history of bringing people from all around the world to one country, to live as Canadians, and most of these people end up loving hockey, so that is very cool!
  34. I love this country because it is a happy, safe place to live. I served for 25 years in the Canadian military and I have seen many different countries. Many very nice places, but we are very lucky to be Canadians.
  35. I love Canada because it is scenically supreme!! I call it home because it is the best place on earth!
  36. I’ve travelled all over the world and I realized quite quickly how luck we are to live in such a beautiful place, and where men, women and children are all treated respectfully and have full rights.
  37. It’s clean, safe and a beautiful country
  38. City, Country, Waterfront, Mountains. Canada has it all
  39. I was born in St John’s Newfoundland grew up in Toronto Ontario live in Vancouver, BC I have travelled through all of the provinces, just need to get to the territories. This is the most beautiful, welcoming and loving country!
  40. The ability to live my life without any limitations other than what I put on them. Why is home…is there a place that is better…..if there is it not standing out.
  41. The international reputation of Canada is second to none. A cold place full of warm people.
  42. Fabulous people, Fabulous climate
  43. Because it’s such a welcoming and democratic country
  44. Born in south Alberta (cowboy) couldn’t live anywhere else.
  45. Canada is safe compared to most other countries.
  46. Land of Milland honey
  47. The opportunities, the multi multiculturalism.
  48. Freedom!
  49. Friendly people. Freedom, Opportunities, Breathtaking landscape
  50. Friendly, well governed, beautiful lands, lots of water and good economic conditions
  51. safe. access to clean water/air. education levels
  52. The natural beauty of the landscape and the sensible and educated nature of the people.
  53. I love our wide open spaces.
  54. It got lots of land with less people and a beauty unmatched in the western hemisphere, in my opinion.
  55. The people is what makes Canada great. I call it home because of the opportunities
  56. I’ve had the good fortune to travel and see a lot of the world, more than 80 countries, and have a very clear vision of the freedom, abundance and beauty we enjoy and often take for granted.
  57. I love Canada because it feels like a large well connected community. United.
  58. Right now I’m doing a fun campaign. Posting a video everyday with my Canadian flag to show how proud we all are to be Canadian. It’ beautiful, safe and the people here have open arms!
  59. I love Canada for its inclusion of everyone that’s here and its natural beauty
  60. Coast to Coast we demonstrate personal values of friendship, caring and respect. We have an amazing country that we are pleased to share with those in need who also want to make a difference.
  61. Everyone wants to be in Canada, look at the amount of people from all over the world doing everything they can to move here, so clearly us Canadians are not the only ones that Know Canada is the Best!
  62. The PEOPLE!
  63. Despite all of our own shortcomings, we are still a safe place to live, have an excellent financial system, excellent healthcare & education. I was born here and have no plans of going anywhere else to live.
  64. A country with a social conscience and spectacular scenery
  65. Because it’s so free and beautiful and all the great opportunities and outdoor activities you can enjoy.
  66. Clean air and water and opportunity in business with minimal corruption.
  67. I love it for the freedom and space – so many spots to travel in Canada and everyone is nice – you feel safe
  68. Proud to be Canadian, Canada is so wonderful and diversified, everyone and everywhere has something to contribute to this wonderful country. Canada is welcoming coast to coast.
  69. From shield to field to mountains and oceans
  70. Around the world traveling knowing you are from Canada brings a smile of friendship to all people
  71. Great national parks, diversity, opportunity
  72. The best country with the greatest people.
  73. The people who are caring and giving
  74. I was born here and it is my home. I’ve traveled the world and Canada is the safest, friendliest and offers endless opportunities
  75. Geographical, cultural diversity. Canada is the most beautiful country in the world.
  76. I served as a Canadian soldier for 27 years before becoming a RE/MAX REALTOR®. I have seen 25 other countries and even thou we have idiots as political leaders at both ends.
  77. Great country
  78. Freedom, Beauty, Diversity, Inclusiveness
  79. Safe place to call home, natures paradise
  80. It’s diversity and the fact that Canadians are globally accepting and open to all cultures
  81. The quality of the people
  82. I was born here
  83. I love the views, the mountains and the water access. Beautiful place to live with lots of fresh air.
  84. Accepting of people from around the World and appreciate the Country in which we live
  85. More freedom than anywhere else!
  86. Peace keeping nation, diverse cultural melting pot of citizens.
  87. Born and raised I specifically love Vancouver island and British Columbia. The diversity of its citizens and healthcare would be two things about Canada I would say are very important though.
  88. Nice place to live
  89. The simplest way to put it, the people.
  90. Safe and filled with kind and caring people
  91. For the beauty and the state of abundance we get to live in!
  92. It is truly the land of the free. Go about our daily business without fear. I was born in Canada.
  93. Because there’s so much natural beauty and open space for us to enjoy. The further north you go the less people & traffic you’ll see … until you’re completely alone In Nature.
  94. Land of the Free So many opportunities So much to see and enjoy
  95. I love Canada because there’s no better country to live in than Canada, including many reasons such as safety, infrastructure, our health system ( that although it needs lots of improvement ) it is still considered a very good one compared to other countries in the world, it’s people, it’s diversity as a country due to its multiculturalism and the way we have learned to respect each other and live with each other even though much of its population is immigrant-based and that’s a wonderful thing. I call Canada home because there’s no better place to go home! 🙂
  96. Self Respect & quality of living.
  97. I can visit practically every worldwide culture without leaving home (at least here in the GTA). Our rich heritage and welcoming of diversity is unique.
  98. CANADA is truly a Global Village where all caste, color and creed live together in harmony sharing and caring for each other and syncing I. Each other’s culture….
  99. Simply put – it is the best country in the world! Why – because it is beautiful and diverse and supportive and gives every individual the opportunity for a great life!
  100. Safe, unlimited opportunity, gorgeous landscapes across the country, we get to experience all of the seasons which can be magical, and wonderful people who generally share the same values and pride.,
  101. Canadian society is very tolerant and welcoming to all. I feel I belong here, so call it my Home
  102. I love that I can enjoy 4 seasons where I live. Access to clean air, fresh water and huge tracts of land to explore.
  103. I feel safe people don’t carry guns like in the States…….It’s very clean here and people are polite….normally
  104. I love the natural beauty of Canada. From local parks, to farm fields, to national parks, and provincial parks, our country’s landscape is diverse and beautiful. I was born and raised here as first generation Canadian. My parents taught us to love and appreciate all Canada offers!
  105. Family heritage, safety, stability, opportunities. The beauty of nature is all around. Travel from coast to coast.
  106. It is multi-cultural and welcoming. It’s a great place to live, work and play. EH!
  107. We embrace Canada and our homes in all four seasons! Colours of the trees in the fall, building snowman in the winter on the front lawn, kids playing soccer in the backyard during summer.
  108. 6th generation canadian but grew up free to accomplish or exceed in whatever i wanted to do. i love to travel and learn about different cultures so happy that others world wide can move here and have the ability to live their dreams for themselves and their children.
  109. Now 40 years a citizen having been here for 43 years, anyone can thrive here in Canada if you are prepared to work hard; you can be whatever you want to be!
  110. I call it home because I live and work here
  111. Canada is a land of limitless freedom and opportunity
  112. Friendly people off all ethnicities and walks of life.
  113. I have lived her since I was 5yrs old. Only language I can read and write. Land of possibilities.
  114. Inclusive, welcoming
  115. We have as many opportunities and freedoms than any other country. We are a tolerant and caring country as well.
  116. Best country in the world to live in! People are proud yet humble.
  117. multiculturalism, beautiful countryside, good economy,
  118. Because it is “home”
  119. Because its the best country with a high standard of living. Its safe, clean, and well respected worldwide.
  120. Clean safe good education opportunity peaceful people beautiful country
  121. freedom, peace, stability, opportunity … and poutine
  122. I love our four seasons. The only constant in real estate is change, and the changing seasons provide a continuously varying landscape to keep you interested!
  123. I can speak for Ontario and the GTA in particular I love the diversity, the educational opportunities, the health care and the change of seasons with all their colors.
  124. Great health program, safe, friendly, respectful to all cultures, language different people
  125. I love the wonderful natural surroundings. I call it home because it’s the best country to live in.
  126. Diversity. Inclusion. Opportunity. Freedom. Seasons and Weather Variety. Friendly, Generous People (mostly). Hockey. Seriously. I can go anywhere and bond with people.
  127. its a great welcoming country
  128. We have a stable economy with sustainable values as a nation
  129. safety, quality of life, opportunity
  130. Great place to raise a family.
  131. Do you even need to ask? It’s the beautiful outdoors, the amazing people and the feeling of being safe!
  132. I love Canada , a nation of diversified kind people from all walks of life makes for a rewarding fulfilled life.
  133. It’s the greatest place in the world. Freedom of religion, protest, sexual orientation and more the right to assemble, opportunity, health care, the best education, all nations welcome, helping those in need, no war, the landscape is beautiful and real estate is hot.
  134. We have it all…diversity in our people, our land and most recently our weather…
  135. Multicultural
  136. I have traveled and lived in different continents there is nothing in comparison to living in Canada. The comfortable, security, and cheerfulness of its people.
  137. The amazing outdoors, It’s aboriginal heritage and the four seasons that give us a new experience every day.
  138. My health. I’m originally from Texas and I lived in and out of hospital due to Asthma attacks due to pollution, weeds and food allergies. Out here I have clean air and healthier lifestyle.
  139. Because of its diversity in land, cultures and opportunities.
  140. Canada is beautiful, clean, safe, friendly, welcomes a diversity of cultures and lifestyles and is a great place to raise a family! Plus we have a handsome man running the country – Bonus!
  141. Immigrant success story. My Parents Landed with $75.00 to their name and Canada gave them a life they could have never imagined. I am the oldest son of those parents and appreciate the opportunities that were not offered to them.
  142. love, understanding of different cultures and people
  143. It’s free, democratic and is a safe place to live and call home
  144. I love the diverse landscape, the trees, rocks, water and the strength of its people to face the challenges the elements gave them as we struggled to develop the land
  145. I love Canada because we are diversified and yet united.
  146. We are at Peace
  147. Freedom, prosperity, inclusivity
  148. I love Canada because of our diversity, I love that we take care of each other and that we have the largest and most amazing lakes in the world
  149. This beautiful country of ours gave my grandparents the opportunity to lay down roots in a new country and grow our family – Thank you Canada!
  150. Around the world traveling knowing you are from Canada brings a smile of friendship to all people