You know I’ve arrived when the weather begins to change. That’s right everyone, fall is quickly approaching, and with the season change, we’ve also changed up our approach for the 2017 RE/MAX Fall Media Campaign!

Starting this week, we will be launching the following:

Radio Campaign

To help showcase you as the industry leaders and reach more consumers, we’ve purchased over 500 spots on the radio per week. This means more homebuyers and sellers everywhere in Ontario will be reminded for the next five weeks that RE/MAX agents are the most knowledgeable and most productive agents in real estate. Toronto-based radio stations will play RE/MAX adverts for the next 12 weeks, helping you achieve more leads and exposure.

To listen to what consumers will hear while on the radio on their way into work or when dropping their kids off in the morning, click the button below!


Atlantic Television Campaign


Over the next five weeks, when families in Atlantic Canada tune in to watch their favourite show, they’ll see RE/MAX! Click the WATCH button below to see how we’ve positioned you as the most trusted and most experienced agents in Atlantic Canada or click the DOWNLOAD button to share the TV ad on your social media platforms.



Newspaper Campaign

For the next 10 weeks, we’re featuring luxury listings that are over 3 million in Toronto and surrounding area markets to help show We Know Luxury! To get an idea of how these ads will look, take a look at the example below!


Outdoor Billboard Campaign


We want RE/MAX to be seen from just about everywhere, and want new leads and consumers to think of you first, even while being on the streetcar and bus! For the next eight weeks expect to experience more leads from commuters having seen RE/MAX ads because we’re advertising RE/MAX on billboards in all markets, streetcars in Toronto, and bus ads in Toronto and Fredericton!

To connect with your social audiences, download one of the billboard images seen below. All you have to do is click the DOWNLOAD button!




Digital & Social Media Campaign

Living in today’s digital age, it’s important we utilize social media and online platforms to reach more audiences too! For the next 10 weeks, starting September 25th you and consumers will see we have taken great efforts to drive more traffic to – where they’ll be led to find you! We’ll be advertising on various online sites such as the Business Insider and the Globe and Mail! 



To help you make the most of the Fall Media Campaign we’ve provided a ton of We Know Cover Photos for you to use in your marketing efforts. We recommend uploading them to Facebook and get the conversation going, and show your social followers which markets you know.



It’s time to prepare for the fall market and with the help of the Fall Media Campaign we believe your business is about to get busy! Begin implementing some of the campaigns marketing materials and follow the steps below!

Top 2 Ways to Implement the Fall Media Campaign

  1. Upload one of the refreshed We Know Cover Photos by clicking HERE or login to Design Centre to customize your own after September 21st!
  2. Connect with consumers and share one of the Billboard Images! Click HERE to see all of your options!

For any questions regarding the Fall Media Campaign, contact Sheryl at

[email protected]