If you attended our REiNVENTION Conference last year, an office training session, webinar, or RE/MAX TIME sessions with one of your RE/MAX INTEGRA Training Specialists, you’ve known that paperless strategies have been a hot topic. It’s time to go out with the old and in with the new because starting July 1st, Ontario agents now are able to complete real estate transactions using electronic signatures.

Find out everything you need to know below, or, join us July 17th from 1:00PM – 2:00PM EDT for for a FREE session introducing you to the DocuSign and Transaction Rooms product. We’ll talk about security, ease of use, document storage, signatures, and much more! Ask your questions live, and see a demo of common uses.

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Benefits of a Paperless Transactions:

The idea of trying something new may be scary, but when it comes to the legalization of e-signatures in real estate transactions in Ontario, the benefits outweigh the costs significantly:

  • Faster and more convenient
  • Safe and secure allowing consumers to make an offer with the same convenience and security of online banking
  • Reduce forgery
  • Eliminate tampering
  • Improve legibility
  • All documents will be tracked with a digital certificate
  • In multiple bidding situations, the anxiety of signing documents in person is eliminated, and offers can be submitted quicker and more efficiently

“It will likely be a big mindset change for our agents, just as it was when we adopted fax machines 20 years ago. Those who adopt more quickly will be at more of an advantage.”  -Valerie Garcia,  Director of Training

How Safe are Paperless Transactions?

You, or your clients, may be concerned with the safety and security surrounding this new way of handling a real estate transaction. With a little bit of education and understanding, you can quickly ease their mind. Encrypted signatures are one of the most secure ways of obtaining signatures, and use the same technology that your bank uses. Not only that, but electronic signatures remove the necessity for documents to be signed, printed, and faxed multiple times which can cause issues and questions with legibility.

“E-signatures will most of all be a time saving factor for both agents and consumers – it provides a convenient way to keep the transaction moving smoothly” – David Brown, CEO RE/MAX Promotions

RE/MAX and DocuSign:

The introduction of electronic signatures in Ontario should not come as a surprise as we have been preparing the network for nearly two years.

One tool that frequently comes up when talking about paperless is RE/MAX Launchpad vendor, DocuSign, who we are happy to announce is the standard for Digital Transaction Management within RE/MAX INTEGRA.

DocuSign was selected because they are global, a market leader, and have a good reputation for security. On top of that, they have world class legal protection, are highly secure, and auditable providing a complete and extensive audit trail.

Access DocuSign Easily from RE/MAX Launchpad!

Earlier this year, we launched RE/MAX Launchpad to allow our over 30,000 agents quick and easy access to the best tools in the industry, with a single sign-on. Once signed into RE/MAX Launchpad, you can navigate to DocuSign where you will be encouraged to get started if you haven’t already, or where you can easily manage your online signatures. Through RE/MAX Launchpad, you can begin quickly and easily manage your transactions with DocuSign for 20% off the normal rate.

“Our members will be able to create new e-signature envelopes or manage transactions from within RE/MAX Launchpad with just one click, enabling them to be more productive using DocuSign,” – Graeme Canivet , RE/MAX INTEGRA Director of Technology