Your Broker/Owners have exhibited incredible leadership in helping you to adapt to an ever-changing business environment. You have also shown leadership as you have implemented new business practices in an effort keep yourself, your clients and your customers safe. Now more than ever it is important to source and provide new tools so that you can continue to evolve your business practices, while staying safe and productive. RE/MAX INTEGRA has been working with your Broker/Owners to secure a partnership that will keep you cutting-edge, able to conduct business safely and allow you to hold true virtual open houses. “RE/MAX 360 Tours powered by EyeSpy360”, is a best in class virtual platform that will help you create 360-degree virtual tours with exceptional lead generation capabilities.


What is a RE/MAX 360 Tour?
This impressive new tool allows you to upload 360° photos from your smartphone or 360° camera to create professional-quality, 360 virtual tours, 3D models, floor plans and still pictures. What differentiates this tool from others is the ability for you to host virtual walkthroughs using embedded live video chat with up to 8 consumers on any device. Imagine Facetime or Skype embedded inside a virtual tour.
Picture this: you get a sign call and you ask the consumer if you can send them a link to a virtual tour. The consumer opens the link in a browser and they are not only able to view the virtual tour, but you can see and talk to each other and take them through the home. That’s what RE/MAX 360 Tours is all about.

How It Works
  • You or your photographer take 360 photos of the home on any mobile phone or 360° camera (view brochure to learn more about equipment)
  • Upload your 360 photos to your RE/MAX 360 Tours account
  • Click submit.
  • Within 24 hours you will receive your completed branded and unbranded virtual tour links

This is truly one of the easiest and quickest platforms to create virtual tours on – just one photo needed for most rooms!  The best part? RE/MAX 360 Tours allows you to send pre-recorded tours or video-conference with clients in real time, all while they are taking the virtual tour.

Learn more about the features of RE/MAX 360 Tours in the brochure below:


Click to download & learn more!


We’ve also created a brochure to help your clients better understand this new tool and how it can help buy/sell a home. 

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Preferred Partner Pricing For RE/MAX INTEGRA

With the launch of this new RE/MAX tool, we are excited to offer the following preferred partner pricing for our network.

  • $14 per Virtual tour, 3D Model & Floor Plan (up to 10 x 360 photos, then $1.40 per 360 photo thereafter.) This Includes:
    • 360° Virtual Tour
    • 3D Model
    • Floor Plan
    • Room Measurements
  • Monthly Tour Hosting Fee: $21.99 per month. This Includes:
    • Unlimited Tour Hosting
    • Unlimited EyeSpyLIVE
    • Unlimited Info Labels
    • Unlimited Views
    • Unlimited Archiving
    • PRO Support