With the end of the year coming fast, it’s time for us to start planning for the upcoming year. As you know, planning for a real estate agent means a lot of things. You need to plan the hours of work you will dedicate to various activities, budget for marketing and so much more! RE/MAX takes some of that planning burden off your shoulders by providing you with the RE/MAX Collection Program for your luxury listings.

The RE/MAX Collection Program is our very own unique and elegant looking brand identity for luxury homes. If your property qualifies as a Collection property by meeting the listing price threshold for your local market, you can take advantage of this program! Upon qualifying, your listing will automatically be featured on the RE/MAX Collection website, and will also get branded as a RE/MAX Collection property on remax.ca.

By partaking in this program, you get access to a heap of exclusive resources which are branded and will help you market your luxury properties with ease. These resources include market reports, postcards, websites, property brochures, listing presentation books and much more.

Most importantly, you receive a customized set of exclusive luxury magazines featuring your listing on the front cover. We will distribute this to your desired area and impress people with your high end marketing efforts while giving your listing maximum exposure.

Do you want to have your luxury listing featured in the next issue of the RE/MAX Collection Magazine? We are currently working on the next edition, so time is running out! If you would like to include a property or are interested in customizing the magazine, you can Place your Order or contact us by emailing, [email protected]!

For more information on how to take part in this program please contact us!