Canada Real Estate Wealth magazine is looking for your local neighbourhood expertise! And there are no better people to ask than RE/MAX brokers & agents.

The nationwide newsstand magazine is dedicated to helping real estate investors get the most out of their portfolios. For one of the magazine’s regular features, 75 Cash Flow Markets, they’re looking for your neighbourhood know-how in exchange for some free exposure!

75 Cash Flow Markets is about 75 communities where investors can potentially make $100 or more a month in positive cash flow.

If your market is one of those places where that cash flow is still a possibility, Canada Real Estate Wealth magazine wants to hear from you!

How to Participate

  1. Email Clayton Jarvis: [email protected] to set up a 10-minute phone call.
  2. Get ready to discuss:
  • The area’s fundamentals (what the community is like, population growth, employment, attractiveness to tenants, etc.)
  • Potential upcoming infrastructure projects, zoning changes, etc.
  • The prices/rents of the relevant cash flowing property types
  • What strategy/strategies you would recommend for cash flow (multi-family, suited single family, corporate rentals, student rentals, etc.)

And that’s it! This is the perfect opportunity to get your name out there to tens of thousands of investors in Canada. Please note: interviews are on a first come first serve basis, so the quicker you get in touch, the better.