Why Should You Use The Balloon at Your Next Event

The RE/MAX Balloon provides an excellent opportunity to create awareness and promote goodwill in the community. By having the balloon make an appearance at your event, you are maximizing brand visibility and exposure in an exciting way!

By involving the balloon at your next event, you create an opportunity to promote yourself, your local office, and RE/MAX as the premier brand in real estate.

Maximize the Balloon
  • Drafting a press release and distributing it to your local media
  • Inviting local celebrities, politicians and social influencers for a tethered ride of free flight, depending on the nature of your event
  • Associate your event with on the RE/MAX Charities, Children’s Miracle Network or Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation
  • Utilize social media

Request the Balloon

Interested in requesting the balloon? Please have your Broker/Owner fill out the request form, which can be found by clicking the Hot Air Balloon tab on Launchpad

Visit RE/MAX Launchpad

Questions? Contact Sheryl Sharma at [email protected]