The RE/MAX 2018 Spring Campaign beat industry benchmarks and put our brand front and center with home buyers and sellers through both traditional and digital mediums. We’re happy to share the exciting results (below), and will continue to strive to do better for you, our RE/MAX Network.


The creative was all about capturing the essence of what really makes a RE/MAX Agent stand out from the competition. And not from a productivity stand-point (although we are the most productive) but from a emotional connection. Our Agents have the intuition to understand clients’ buying or selling story from their own perspective – “That’s the sign of a RE/MAX agent”. The campaign ran from March 5 to June 3 (the recreational campaign will be taking over from June 4 to September 2).


1. Billboard Advertising

(Out Of Home Advertising)

  • 447 – Number of RE/MAX billboards that were posted throughout Ontario and Atlantic Canada
  • 262 million – Number of impressions generated

What This Means for You
Millions of consumers saw the RE/MAX brand – helping to create a strong foundation of credibility and increased awareness for your personal brand.





2. Online Video

(15-second video spots shown before targeted YouTube videos)

  • 7.9 million – Number of impressions generated
  • 10,385 – Number of sessions on generated
  • 86% – Percent of viewers who watched the entire video, 6% above industry benchmarks


3. Online Display Advertising

(RE/MAX ads served to targeted consumers on leading websites, and served to mobile phones when targeted consumers were near RE/MAX offices)

  • 10.9 million – Number of impressions generated
  • .17% – Percent of consumers who clicked on the ad, leading them to, .6% better than industry average

RE/MAX Spring campaign - Adertising vs industry averages
What This Means for You
Millions of consumers are not only seeing our online videos and ads, they are connecting with what makes a RE/MAX Agent different than the competition.


4. Social Advertising

(RE/MAX video spots and ads served to targeted consumers on Facebook)

  • 6.59 million – Number of impressions generated
  • 1,285,345 – Number of completed video views
  • 10,417 – Number of sessions on generated
  • 9.9% – Percentage of consumers who recalled seeing the ad, 7% higher than industry benchmark (estimate)
  • 78% – Video Completion Rate (VCR), 52% above industry benchmark

RE/MAX Spring - Social advertising vs. industry
What This Means for You
When home-buyers and sellers (and potential buyers and sellers) visit Facebook, they are seeing RE/MAX, and it’s resonating. We are creating the must-have sticky factor that helps them immediately think of RE/MAX when it’s time to buy/sell.



Our 2018 Fall Campaign will launch in September. We’ll take the findings from the Spring Campaign and use them to optimize our fall media buy and adjust our creative.

Look for more ads on Facebook, more billboards and a greater effort to drive consumers to the new to drive leads. What does that translate to? More leads for you, our Brokers & Agents.

Most importantly, RE/MAX will continue to be the most advertised brand in Canadian real estate.

9/10 Home Buyers and Sellers Know RE/MAX. We’re aiming for 10.