Being successful isn’t easy. It takes time, dedication, and most importantly hard work. Day in and day out, you read tips from the experts about what you can do to become more successful in your business, but where do you start? Sure, you can spend more time on social media, or you can make more phone calls, but that takes precious time out of your day. What if we told you that in as little as five minutes, you can take your business to the next level?

If you aren’t taking full advantage of your Best Agent profile, you are missing out on the opportunity to receive non-RE/MAX Leads. When you fill out your profile, you are asked to include five service areas that you work in and once they are filled out, you are eligible to receive leads in your area.

Why should you make sure your Best Agent profile is complete?

Are You Missing Out on Leads

1.)    Visually Appealing

Besides having your contact information and service areas filled out, it is also valuable to have an up to date and professional photo uploaded. This takes very little time and is visually appealing and helpful to anyone who comes across your profile.

2.)    You are eligible for non-RE/MAX leads

Simply by filling out your five service areas, you become eligible to receive non-RE/MAX leads from When there is a lead, three agents in from the surrounding area will be randomly selected. From those three agents, the first one to accept that lead will receive it. Easy enough, right?

3.)    Consumers Can See Where you Work

When your service areas are complete, potential clients will know where you are located. This means that if they were looking to sell a home in your area, they would know to contact you!

Helpful Hint: Are your service areas filled out, but you still aren’t receiving leads? Check your email! Make sure the email listed is the one you check most often. It should be the easiest place to reach you, and somewhere you check often.

Do you have questions about your profile? Email [email protected] or call 1(855) 30- REMAX.