Ten years ago, if you asked someone what they needed to survive, chances are they would have listed the bare essentials of survival such as shelter, water, milk, bread, and eggs. If you asked someone today, chances are their list will not be complete without things like Wi-Fi and social media. After all, how would you know when your cousins husbands sisters birthday was, or what your high school BFF ate for dinner without a little help from Facebook and Twitter? While social media helps us stay up to date and informed on the happenings in the world, it can also help you generate leads.

By logging into RE/MAX Launchpad, a single sign-on will grant you access to tools like RankMyAgent and Previsite to help you generate leads quickly and easily through social media, among their many other features that will help you grow your business.

Rank My Agent:

Did you know that once starting their online search, it takes the average homebuyer up to 2 weeks to contact an agent? And from there it takes nearly three months for them to make a purchase? The home buying process can be described as slow-but-steady one, and lead generation should be the same. The agents creating a high-tech, high-touch approach with the use of social media and personal engagement are the ones who rise to the top of their game.

“76% of people seek online reviews before choosing a local business.”

Social proof, or informational social influence, is a third party validation that can be a very useful tool when it comes to consumer decision-making. In the era of digital marketing, it is absolutely essential to leverage the power of social proof to turn reviews into revenue. How do you do that? By doing what social media does best: sharing! Promote your personal brand and user-generated reviews using your social media channels. Your website, e-blasts, blog, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and many others are free platforms for you to share this valuable content with your network.

“Visitors who read reviews are 68% more likely to convert to a sale.” 

RankMyAgent combines the ability to both create and share social proof for your brand, in a uniquely authentic way. RankMyAgent is an online platform supporting consumers looking to buy, sell or rent. The customer-centric technology connects prospective clients with reputable real estate agents whose services are endorsed through the portal’s ratings and reviews. Click here to learn more about RankMyAgent and RE/MAX Launchpad, and look below to see how RankMyAgent can help you generate leads via Social Media:

  1. Build through Reviews: With technology always at our fingertips, online engagement is critical to building a personal brand and establishing trust. RankMyAgent not only consolidates communication, it also creates a verified network of leads and referrals.

Launchpad 1

  1. Highlight your Expertise: RankMyAgent does more than just let potential clients find you – it also lets them know exactly which areas you focus on, and which types of properties you specialize in. 

Launchpad 2

  1. Customization the Real Estate Experience: In today’s fast-paced digital marketplace, consumers expect highly customized service at every turn. One size no longer fits all and real estate professionals are recognizing an urgent need to leverage online channels to connect with potential clients and strengthen relationships. 
  1. Creates an Integration with Existing Digital Assets: Show prospective clients you’re confident in your service with the widget applications that allow your reviews to appear on your own personal website and social media channels such as Facebook.

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  1. Provides Education for Agents and Brokers

RankMyAgent provides agents with access to valuable resources from digital marketing and real estate experts. From social media best practices to how to handle a negative review, RankMyAgent is with you every step of the way.

RankMyAgent has been embedded in the RE/MAX Launchpad portal, giving RE/MAX INTEGRA agents unparalleled access to user-generated reviews with a single sign-on. Head there now to easily access and start using RankMyAgent today at a 40% discount exclusive to RE/MAX Launchpad users!


Previsite’s platform is rich and engaging. Always branded with your contact information as well as built lead and information capture.

Social Connect provides you with consistent, unsurpassed content across multiple social mediums. With Social Connect, you can place your entire listing inventory on your professional Facebook page and engage your clients in the Social sphere. Your current listings are embedded in a searchable interface that is updated daily. Within each listing, property detail pages link back to your website to generate more traffic to your domain. As an added feature, a feed of fresh and relevant news content is available to establish you as an invaluable source or real estate expertise.

Social Connect provides your potential clients with news and information they can use when they need it. It helps you to share pertinent information uniformly across the social media sphere. You can access Social Connect quickly and easily through RE/MAX Launchpad and get a $50 discount! 

While social media is a great way to stay up to date on the lives of your friends and family and current news events, it’s also a huge asset for you in your business. Login to RE/MAX Launchpad today to get started with these industry leading tools, and to access the many others that will help you build and grow a successful business.