As you may have noticed, we have not been able to update the Market Share Reports for Q3/Q4 of 2018. Towards the middle of last year, we switched data aggregation providers and in doing so have found a number of errors in the results that are being generated. When we originally pulled the Q3 reports and posted them, it came to our attention that a number of them were incorrect. We understand the importance of these reports in your marketing efforts and want to ensure that we are only providing you with data that is accurate – so as a result, we have taken down the Q3 reports.

The data provider is working to have these issues fixed and we expect a resolution by April of this year. We will be posting the full year, 2018 results as soon as we are confident that the data is accurate.

Note: If you did download a Q3 Market Share Report, we encourage you to check with your Broker to ensure that the data is accurate before you begin using the report in your marketing efforts.

If you have any questions about the reports, please contact our Regional Marketing Manager, Sheryl Sharma.