If you attended Jim Marks’ session this year at Kick Start, you were lucky enough to get the opportunity to play a game called “Here or Near”. If you didn’t attend, you are probably wondering how you play. The game is simple enough, and involves you answering the question of “Here or Near” to tasks that technology is able to perform. For example, 3D printing to provide children in third world countries with cost effective prosthetic limbs. Is that technology here, as in does it exist already, or is it near, as in that technology will be coming soon? The answer to that question is here.

Although it was interesting to guess what technologies exist, and amazing to see which ones could be coming our way in the future, this session was not all fun and games. It was an eye opening experience to those in attendance to see how technology is changing lives, and how on a smaller scale, it can change your life in the real estate industry.

No matter how your clients find you, whether you are a friend of the family, or they simply came across your name somewhere else, chances are they have Googled you. Technology allows us to have all of the answers and information we need within a matter of seconds making the question no longer will they be able to find me, but what will they see when they do find me. Your online reputation has become increasingly important, and can be the determining factor your clients need to choose you as their agent, or to continue their search. Social media is a great place to start working on your online reputation. Whether you have fully embraced it, or you have been resisting in hopes it will go away soon, it’s time to face that it isn’t going anywhere. Social media is a powerful tool with a powerful domain and at the end of the day, it will give your clients something to find when they search for you, and it will give them a good glimpse into your personality and who you are.

Have you already mastered social media and taken advantage of the benefits it can bring you in your business? If so, Jim Marks has many more secrets to share! Watch his full session from RE/MAX Kick Start 2014 to learn how you can become more successful at Internet Marketing. He will shed some light on what is important, and what is not and will share with you the Tech Knowledge he has that has made his clients top producers.

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