Are you in luxury sales? Learn how best to leverage the RE/MAX Collection MagazineYou don’t need to be an expert to know that your marketing strategy must be determined by your product and target consumer. When consumers search for a place to call home, no two people will be searching for the same thing. Ultimately, first time home buyers will not be looking for their perfect home in the same place as those who are looking to buy a high end home. You know that selling a luxury listing to a young family searching for a starter home is not only a waste of your resources, but also a waste of your valuable time. So, how do you promote your luxury listing to the affluent consumers looking to buy them? The answer is simple, The RE/MAX Collection Magazine.

The RE/MAX Collection Magazine is the perfect place for you to create top of mind brand awareness and to have your name associated with high quality marketing. With the ability to customize the magazine with your listing on the front cover and your bio on the inside front cover, you can show potential buyers and sellers how RE/MAX can help them stand above the crowd. It is also a helpful tool for you to use as a listing presentation closing tool that allows you to put your marketing capabilities in the hands of future home owners.

Do you want to have your luxury listing featured in the next issue of the RE/MAX Collection Magazine? We are currently working on the next edition, so time is running out! If you would like to include a property or are interested in customizing the magazine, you can Place your Order or contact us by emailing, [email protected]!