There are many benefits to working in the real estate industry. Besides getting the opportunity to help people discover their dreams of home ownership, and helping them find a house to call home, you reap the benefits of being in business for yourself, and stick to a schedule you make yourself. Your job is one of the furthest things from the typical nine to five job, and despite what some might believe, that does not mean your job is any easier. In fact, the irregular and often long hours mean your job has challenges many people do not need to overcome in their working career.

With Family Day around the corner, there is no better time to take a step back and evaluate how you are managing your time and more importantly, your relationships. While your career is important, so are the people close to you, and it’s important to ensure you are finding balance within every aspect of your life. The following tips will help:

Strive for Excellence Rather than Perfection: We all want to be perfect, but many times doing your best is more than enough. Striving for perfection can quickly run you down, while striving for excellence can ensure you provide the best service while living a healthy, happy and

Unplug: While having technology available to you virtually anywhere is a huge asset, it can also mean you don’t take enough time to yourself. Before you start panicking, unplugging doesn’t have to be for an extended period of time. Start slow by taking an afternoon off of technology, see how it goes, and from there make a plan. Maybe it’s a weekend once a month, or maybe it’s Friday afternoons in the summer, but whatever it is you need to remember that it’s all about balance.

Limit Time Consuming Activities: There are plenty of things we do each day that waste time in our day. Take some time to think about all the repetitive activities you do in a day, and determine where you can make some time saving changes. Once you set firm boundaries, it will be easy to stick to the schedule you set so you can start spending time where it really matters.

Restructure: They say it takes three weeks to get into a habit, and much longer to break that habit. If you have certain routines you follow, remember they aren’t set in stone and trying something new may save you time that can be spent elsewhere. Keep an open mind and don’t be afraid to try new things.

Finding the balance between your career and real life isn’t an easy job, but it can be done and there is no better time to start. Consider these tips and carefully determine how they will fit into your schedule, and think about which ones are realistic, and which ones would be better tackling in baby steps.