The Month of Miracles celebrations are well underway and we’re amazed to see such support these past two weeks from events to campaigns, and most recently Miracle Treat Day to support the Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals!

As we enter week three of Month of Miracles we not only want to highlight our network’s incredible participation, but also share another Miracle Story to help show you that many young lives and their families greatly benefit from your donations and willingness to give back.

To learn a little more about Myla, a patient at one of the Children’s Miracle Network Member Hospitals, read her story below!

Myla Ganzeveld's Story

BC Children's Hospital

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Tears well up in Jennifer Levesque’s eyes each time she recalls the words her six-year-old daughter Myla spoke just a few short months ago: “Mom, I have a good feeling my cancer is gone.”

Every two weeks for the better part of a year, Jennifer and Myla’s father Kyle traveled with their little girl from their hometown of Penticton to BC Children’s Hospital in Vancouver. The trip they made in December of 2015, however, stands out the most in the parents’ mind, after they received the results of Myla’s latest MRI scans. Myla was right. The cancer was gone.

“If you have not lived this nightmare, you really have no idea what it is like,” says Jennifer. “My perspective on life has changed forever watching Myla fight and beat cancer.”

Myla was like many other girls her age: fun loving and adventurous, with a passion for singing, music, animals and Disney princesses. But her life was soon interrupted by constant ear aches, often so bad she couldn’t sleep. Antibiotics did little to ease Myla’s pain, so Kyle took her to see an ear, nose and throat specialist at their local hospital. On January 27, 2015, they discovered the reason for Myla’s earaches: a large, cancerous tumour was growing behind her left nasal passage.

The next week was somewhat of a blur for Myla and her family. She was sent to BC Children’s Hospital for further diagnosis and following a plethora of tests, doctors realized she had rhabdomyosarcoma (RMS), a rare cancer that develops in soft tissues like muscle or bone. In Myla’s case, the tumour was pushing against her eardrum, nose and throat. RMS is one of the most common forms of soft tissue cancer in children. With early detection and treatment, most make a full recovery.

Eight months into her treatment, MRI scans showed that Myla’s tumour had shrunk to about half its size. Four months after that, her scans were clear.

Myla is now in remission, and her doctors will continue to monitor her closely. She visits the Oncology Department at BC Children’s once a month for checkups, and every three months for scans.

Jennifer says the whole experience has transformed her and Myla into extremely positive people, grateful for the simple things in life.

I just believe if we stay positive, live life to the fullest and enjoy today that is all that matters.

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 Become a Miracle Agent

In addition to possibly becoming a Miracle Home Agent and/or increasing your donation, we’d also like you to consider coming to our next Month of Miracle’s event! We wanted at least one of our Miracle Fun Days to include more of our network and that’s why we’re hosting a Barbecue and Dunk Tank event on Thursday, August 24th from 12:30 PM to 3:30 PM. To learn more about the event’s details, head to our Facebook page or click the RSVP button below! We hope to see you there!