We’re excited to share our second edition of RE/MAX REPORTS! Our bi-weekly roundup of North American consumer data and media trends aims to help you make informed and impactful marketing decisions. 

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Preliminary Results

COVID-19 forced us all to re-focus, and pivot what were once tried-and-true strategies to reflect an evolving marketing landscape. The marketing team worked diligently to do just that, having developed a campaign that was strategic in channel placement and impactful in messaging. The central concept of our campaign, RE/MAX Is There, aims to demonstrate that our brand, our people, and our agents, are truly there in every facet of the word. Through our creative, we aimed to demonstrate that RE/MAX is There to help our consumers transact effectively and safely, with paperless transactions, safe showing and contactless closings, virtual consultations, and virtual home tours.

Early campaign results show that we’ve exceeded industry benchmarks across YouTube  with our online video, generating over one million impressions and 3,273 clicks-to-site in two short weeks! Our video completion rates also surpass industry benchmarks, indicative of messaging that resonates with our target audience and critical in propelling our Brand Favourability metric. 

Facebook and Instagram also experienced favourable results, boasting below average costs-per-metric and high levels of awareness, with nearly eleven million impressions served across Ontario-Atlantic regions. Our results exceed channel benchmarks by impressive amounts:

Cost-Per-Metric: $3.07 versus $5.55 benchmark

Video Completion Rate: 41% versus 27% benchmark

Preliminary results exemplify that our shift in creative messaging and channel strategy was embraced by our intended audiences. Top-of-mind awareness tactics, concise messaging, and clear call-to-actions, when combined with granular targeting ensure RE/MAX remains at the forefront of consumer consideration, while negating any competitive presence. 



We’ve heard from many of you in regard to the very positive market trends and industry outlooks, and we want to ensure that our RE/MAX agents continue to thrive as industry leaders in the months ahead. Stay tuned for our Summer Marketing Campaign, which is rumoured to include new and exciting media partnerships, polished creative, and unique channel integrations! Coming soon…