Today’s marketplace has a sea of non-compliant yard signs and each one represents a missed opportunity to promote the RE/MAX brand. To help remedy this, we have developed editable templates for Residential and The Collection listings that can be shared with Designers, Printers, and Agents. These templates will make it easy to see what the Agent’s info looks like on a compliant yard sign template and to print brand compliant signs.
There are two sets of templates that have been uploaded to Max Centre. One set is for the Broker/Owner or Manager to use when they want to show an Agent what their info looks like with one of the various compliant templates. The second set is for Designers and Printers as they are InDesign files. Agents will share these files with their Designer and Yard Sign printers to create and print compliant signs.
We have also developed brand compliant templates for open house signs, directional signs, and yard sign riders both for Residential and The Collection listings.
 For any questions regarding yard-sign compliance, please contact our Brand Compliance Manager, [email protected].