The close of the decade also marked the completion of RE/MAX’s Fall Digital Media Campaign. The campaign included previously implemented tactics that were successful in driving our objectives forward, including RE/MAX brand placements throughout Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest. Through premium Programmatic placements, we were able to extend our reach and messaging via YouTube with longer form online video. Embracing platform innovation and new digital opportunities, we successfully tested audio placements within Spotify, where we were able to engage our target audience in a heavily leaned-into environment.

The implementation of optimized creative assets propelled our completion rate results to double since our Spring campaign; completion rates are critical in accelerating brand favorability, as studies show that consumers who complete videos are more likely to be persuaded and think favorably about the brand. The Facebook Brand Lift Study conducted post-campaign revealed a 5.4 point increase in ad recall, exceeding benchmarks within comparable industries. As a result of such favourable results, will continue to champion the use of short-form creative as we move forward into 2020!

The addition of Spotify to our campaign tactics also boasted a strong performance, having exceeded Spotify’s completion rate benchmarks by 10%! Completion rates indicate target audiences were exposed to all creative messaging at a high frequency, which is critical in maintaining top of mind brand awareness. As an audio-first platform, Spotify was successful in fuelling message retention among our target audiences.

Below we’ve outlined the results from our digital campaign, which ran from August 5th to November 11th, 2019. The success of results garnered to date have armed our team with confidence and immense optimism as we move forward into 2020. The combination of highly strategic media placement, coupled with platform optimized, innovative creative will continue to mobilize the RE/MAX brand as the number one brand in real estate.






  • Impressions served: 15,928,517
  • Video completion rate: 46%
  • Clicks to site: 11,600


  • Impressions served: 10,428,393
  • Completion rate: 46%
  • Clicks to site: 14,800



  • Impressions served: 5,604,806
  • View completion rate: 68%
  • Clicks to site: 3,000


  • Impressions served: 1,760,000
  • View completion rate: 93%
  • Clicks to site: 35,967


NEW! – Spotify



  • Impressions served: 650,000
  • Video completion rates: 100%


  • Impressions served: 1,423,830
  • Listen through rate: 98%