As a real estate professional, you know the benefits of a well-staged home: more online views….a higher price-point. And you understand the time it takes to declutter a home, and the potential cost of staging a home, is worth it. But do your sellers? Are you able to quickly and concisely explain why home staging is so important and how your sellers can easily address it?

The RE/MAX Home Staging Guide is here to help! 


This hi-resolution PDF can be downloaded from MAX/Center and explains why home staging is such an important aspect of selling a home. With its room-by-room approach, the guide breaks down opportunities for decluttering and staging each room. And by addressing common mistakes and challenges, it can help alleviate difficult conversations with your sellers!

Our Home Staging Guide can be downloaded and provided to clients digitally:

  • Share tid-bits on your social media page inviting your network to call you with questions
  • Make it available to download from your personal website as a value-ad, helping you stand out from your competition

You can also print it off page-over-page or as a side-by-side booklet:

  • Mail in a pre-list packet or leave behind at listing presentations.
  • Print off a few copies and bring to your next open house (when those start up again!) and share with potential buyers – you never know, they may be in need of a listing agent!