In 2020 you amazed us with your commitment to your community through projects like RE/STOCK and the Season of Miracles. Let’s keep that momentum going throughout 2021!

We are now offering you even more opportunities to further improve your connection to your community through OUTREACH – Initiatives for Community Connection. Take a look at the monthly opportunities below – we can’t wait to see your community outreach come to life!

February – Commitment to Inclusivity

Our February focus is the community connection initiative launch including a celebration of diversity and inclusivity throughout our network. In order to help you further drive change and promote inclusiveness within your business, we’ve collected resources from real estate organizations committed to diversity and equality.

View Inclusion Resource Page

March – International Women’s Day

Such an important part of our network – starting with Gail Liniger!  We recommend recognizing some of the female leaders in your office throughout the month of March – we will be doing the same on our social channels to celebrate some of the amazing women in our network! Plus, we invite you to start International Women’s Day off right by celebrating female leaders within the RE/MAX Network from across the globe.


April – National Pet Day

What would we do without our furry (or scaly) best friends?! Join us in celebrating how much we love and adore our pets with these great initiatives in April. Share a photo of your pets with us on Facebook on April 6th for your chance to win a RE/MAX prize pack! Winners will be announced on National Pet Day on April 11th. Additionally, starting April 1st, if you make a donation of $100 to your local animal shelter, RE/MAX INTEGRA will match your donation of $100, 100%!


April – Headshot Day

We all know how important first impressions are… yet so many in our industry are offenders of having a head shot that is WAY too old!  Keep an eye on our Facebook page for the Headshot Day Contest Announcement on April 26th, where we will invite you to share your oldest, funniest, wackiest headshots with us for your chance to win $500 towards new photos! Winners will be announced on National Headshot Day on April 28th.


May – Accessibility Awareness

Take this opportunity to ensure your office and website are accessible to all. We will provide a variety of resources for you to utilize to educate your office on accessibility. Share with your agents to help them become advocates and guide their clients of all abilities through the buying and selling process.


June – Homeownership

The professionals at RE/MAX know better than anyone how important it is to help clients realize the goal of homeownership. Keep an eye on your inbox this month as we roll out a contest that will have your clients clamouring to enter! We will also be celebrating what homeownership means and the impact our home has on our lives all month long.


June – Pride

We will share resources for you and your office on working with LGBT community from the industry leader – NAGLREP.


July – Summer of Service

We serve our communities daily in many ways. This is an opportunity to take your RE/MAX office out and participate in service projects that are important to YOUR community.  Summer of Service will be an opportunity to not only make an impact with your service project but also to compete for additional cash prizes to be donated to your charity of choice on your behalf.  


August – CMN Month of Miracles

Contributing to CMN is always a top priority within our RE/MAX network.  This month we will ensure you are armed with plenty of content to share with your associates and communities about the amazing mission of CMN as well as the importance of becoming a “Miracle Office” filled with “Miracle Agents”!


September/October – Treat Accessibly

Spark a conversation and show your community how important it is to ensure everyone has a fun and safe Halloween!  The Treat Accessibly yard signs are available for you to order and hand out to your clients, to help share our mission of inclusivity within your community. 


October/November – RE/STOCK

Food and shelter are the two most basic needs to ensure safety and security.  You help people find shelter daily, now let’s mobilize the office to ensure that all of those in your local communities have all the food they need as well.  We will send you a package that will have all you need to facilitate a food drive where the entire office gets involved.  Not only will the food you collect make a meaningful impact just in time for the holidays, but send in your video to win additional cash prizes to be donated in your name to your local food bank.


December – Season of Giving

It is at this time of the year that so many of us spend time reflecting on ways we can help others.  Let RE/MAX INTEGRA amplify your efforts!  We will match your donation 100% to your local food bank or homeless shelter to double your impact. (rules and regulations to follow)