The listing presentation is a crucial point in every REALTORs business.  This is your moment, your first impression, your time to shine! It is here where you can showcase your knowledge, expertise and personality, in hopes that it will win over the client.  

Don’t wait until the listing presentation to make that lasting impression.  90% of real estate searches begin online, and over 50% of those on a mobile device.  You want to be proactive and deliver high quality content to your clients from the first moment they contact you, whether it be by email via or through the curbside marketing program.

Booking that listing appointment is half the battle, so when you’ve booked one, you want to show off what is you can offer as soon as possible. So why not start the experience with a pre listing video?  A video you can either send directly to online leads or a more personalized video to send before meeting clients. 

This video could take shape as an initial welcome or even an appointment confirmation – including some information about what they can expect from the appointment. This allows you to differentiate yourself from the beginning, build credibility, outline the value and set expectations. Taking an interactive and personal approach to the pre listing video helps show off your personality and prepare the seller. 

There are different types of videos you can create, the personalized version, the personal introduction or the community highlight.

Key topics to cover in the video:

  • Appointment time and date
  • Summary of who you are
  • Top 5 reasons to work with you
  • Top 5 reasons to live in the area you service
  • Brief introduction to what the clients can expect
  • What they should prepare
  • Next Steps


For further tips on what types of videos you can create and how, take a look at the video below.

We also encourage you to not just stop at the video. Provide further insight to the support you extend to clients by including supplemental resources such as additional documents, a brochure, a marketing plan, etc. But not too much! Just a taste! You don’t want you giving all your secrets away.


Do you already have a pre-listing video that you use? We’d love to see it! Please share a link to the ones you’ve created via a comment below.