In two days, there is 48 hours, 2880 minutes, and 172,800 seconds. What can you accomplish during that time? This is what we accomplished on January 15th and 16th 2014 during RE/MAX Kick Start 2014:

RE/MAX Kick Start 2014 highlights

We kicked off Kick Start 2014 with Education Day which featured 30 different sessions focusing on skills, technology, social media and niche topics that are most important to your business in 2014. The second day was action packed with dynamic and motivational keynote speakers as well as plenty of networking opportunities. By the end of it, you may have been feeling like you were on information overload, and we don’t blame you! It was a lot of information, ideas, and tips to take in but each and every one of them will help you become better and achieve more in 2014. So, now that your brain has had some time to recover, we have put together some of our top takeaways from Kick Start:

1. Set Manageable Goals

“A goal without a plan is just a wish” – Herb Edwards

If you attended Gurinder Sandhu’s session on “Taking Your Business to a World Class Level”, you would have walked out with an understanding of the importance of not only setting goals, but making a plan to achieve those goals. At Kick Start, there were countless things mentioned that you probably thought could help you be better at your business. The problem we face after attending conferences like Kick Start, is we try to implement too many things and in doing so, we more likely than not don’t end up implementing anything new at all. The key is not to implement everything, but to find a few key problems in your business, and make some goals that will help you solve those problems. For example, you know that 50% of all real estate transactions begin on a mobile device, but you are not currently using the RE/MAX Curbside Marketing Program. You learned about the benefits of it during the session on day 1, so now that you are back, why don’t you make it a goal to start utilizing this helpful tool that is provided for you.

Before you go read the rest of our Kick Start takeaways, take a second to write down your goals. Whether you are aiming for the stars with a large goal, or simply want to accomplish a few smaller goals, always keep in mind to do your best, and enjoy the journey!

RE/MAX Kick Start 2014 - Goal Setting

2. Be the Better You

“You don’t need to change who you are, you need to become more of who you are.” –Sally Hogshead

Did you take Sally Hogshead’s fascination test before attending Kick Start this year? If so, you were probably surprised by the results you got back, and not because of the results themselves, but because of how accurate they were.  By taking the test, you learned your primary trigger, which is your most natural form of communication and the one you use to influence others, as well as your secondary trigger which is used to help shape your primary trigger. In learning more about you and your personality, you are able to learn how you can grow your business using your natural strengths. It is important for you to have a good understanding of your personality because if you don’t know your own value, you can’t expect your clients to know it either. So, now that you know what your strengths are, how are you going to use them?

RE/MAX Kick Start 2014 - Be The Better You - Sally Hogshead

3. Provide a World Class Service

“Make the customer the hero of your story” – Ann Handley

Throughout Kick Start, and likely throughout your career in real estate, what is the number one thing you hear? We more than likely don’t have to tell you, but here it is: real estate is a relationship business. Think back to the last time you received world class service. You can probably recall every single detail about it and more likely than not, you told your friends and family about the outstanding service you received. Imagine what would happen when word gets around that YOU are providing that world class service?

If you think back to Lee Cockerell’s presentation at Kick Start, you might remember him telling you to “Burn the Free Fuel”. When you heard this, you probably thought two things. One, nothing in life is free, and two, even if something was free, it certainly wouldn’t be gas! Mr. Cockerell, however, did not mean this literally. He meant that people are motivated by three things: appreciation, recognition, and encouragement. These three things are free and each day, you wake up with a full tank. Applying this idea to your business can mean the difference between good service (that anyone can provide) and outstanding, world class service that only a RE/MAX agent can provide.

RE/MAX Kick Start 2014 - Provide World Class Service

4. Full Steam Ahead

“A smooth sea never made a skillful sailor” – English Proverb

If you attended Kick Start last year, or even if you watched the news, you may recall some of the concerns that were expressed for the year ahead in 2013. There were concerns over the global economy, the struggling US economic performance, and whether or not we would be heading into a downturn. At RE/MAX we foresaw general stability for the Canadian housing market, and we were not disappointed! It has become clear that consumers have come to accept slow but steady economic growth and in 2013, figures for home sales and average price reached a five year high nationally.

So, what can we expect for 2014? The good news is that the current momentum is expected to spill over into the New Year and the number of homes sold will continue to climb. The economy will also continue to grow with Canada expected to be the second top performing economy of the G7 countries in 2014. On top of that, unemployment levels will continue to trend downwards both in Canada and in the US where the unemployment rate is currently at a five year low. Ontario is expected to outperform the national average with GDP growth hovering at 2.8 percent.

These positive predictions for the year mean more opportunities for you, and one major opportunity can be found in those individuals immigrating to Canada. Population growth will continue to play a serious role in our housing markets and will play a large role in real estate activity in the future. After spending ten years in Canada, the propensity among immigrants to own a house is higher than among native born Canadians. That being said, you can see why it is more important than ever for you to set your goals, play with your strengths, and provide that world class service.

RE/MAX Kick Start 2014 - RE/MAX 2014 Housing Market Outlook

5. Power of the RE/MAX Brand

“If you ever think your bigger than the brand, that’s the beginning of the end”- Lee Cockerell

This year at Kick Start, you should have noticed three things when you looked around: red, white, and blue. That is because we are all proudly standing behind the RE/MAX brand- one that is widely recognized as the number one real estate company in 150 markets and is known for the quality service and customer satisfaction.

The power of branding seemed to be a theme that was recognized by nearly all of our keynote speakers, all of which come from a wide range of professional backgrounds. If you recall, Sally Hogshead explained that even a product that consumers hate can be popular when standing behind the right brand. When David Brown, EVP of RE/MAX Promotions, was talking to the power of the RE/MAX brand, did you stop and think about your own marketing strategies? When your clients are driving down the street and see your sign, do they immediately associate you with RE/MAX? If you aren’t already leveraging the brand, it is important for you to start because ultimately, as Lee Cockerell highlighted, “If you ever think your bigger than the brand, that’s the beginning of the end”.

RE/MAX Kick Start 2014 - Power of the RE/MAX Brand

In conclusion, RE/MAX Kick Start may be over for the year, but the opportunity to kick start your year has just begun. The market outlook is positive which means you get to start the year on the right foot, and on top of that, you have a powerful brand standing behind you. Sounds pretty good so far, doesn’t it! If you listened earlier, you should already have some goals written down, so all you have to worry about is providing your clients with world class service they can count on, and being the best “you”!

Thank you for helping us make RE/MAX Kick Start 2014 the best one yet! We look forward to an even bigger and better year next year so mark your calendars for January 14th and 15th, 2015. Let the countdown begin!