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RE/MAX Resource Guide2020-10-19T09:51:21-05:00

RE/MAX Resource Guide

Use the guide below to find links to all of the tools and resources you need to power your business. Make sure to have your MAX/Center login and password available to access items at remax.net.

Download Agent Marketing Resources PDF
2020 Media Campaign2020-07-07T09:32:39-05:00

Learn what RE/MAX has been doing to boost the brand in 2020!

2020 Media Campaign
Watch Commercials
Buyer, Seller & Staging Guides2020-10-19T09:34:42-05:00

Sometimes buyers and sellers need a little help – add these resources to your marketing toolkit and share with them to assist in their journey. Providing extra value is one of the things that make you stand out from your competition!

CMN Miracle System2020-03-18T08:47:31-05:00

Join your RE/MAX colleagues today, and make a difference in the lives of children in your community! Sign up online via the Miracle System – the online donation center for the Miracle Home & Miracle Property programs.

CMN Miracle System
Marketing Resources
Consumer Mobile App2020-03-18T08:35:59-05:00
Consumer Mobile App
Consumer Snapshots2020-10-19T09:38:03-05:00

Download these statewide flyers for your listing presentations to show why consumers should go with “those who know” and choose a RE/MAX agent!

Consumer Snapshots
Current Awards Graphics2021-01-04T12:14:22-06:00

Use these graphics to share to your social channels in recognition of your 2020 Award achievements!

Custom 2020 Ad Campaign Commercials2020-03-17T12:42:33-05:00

Use remaxhustle.com and the national ad campaign commercials to create 8 personalized commercials in minutes. Share on social media or on your own Youtube channel!

Custom Commercials
Custom Email Signatures2020-10-19T09:36:09-05:00

Download a PowerPoint(.pptx) which you can edit and Export as PNG or JPG file.

Custom Email Signatures
Custom Listing Videos2020-03-17T12:43:47-05:00

Market your listing with customized, eye-catching videos to highlight their features.

Custom Listing Video
Design Center Automation2020-07-07T09:41:52-05:00

With Design Center Automation, marketing materials are auto generated and sent to your inbox shortly after you add a listing to the MLS. Packages are created for Just Listed, Price Adjustments, Open Houses and Just Sold.

Design Center
Facebook Images | OA2020-10-20T14:04:13-05:00

Get more likes, engagement and comments on your social accounts when you upload one of these Social Shareables. More eyes on your page, means more potential business!

Branded Shareables
Fast Facts2020-07-13T09:05:49-05:00

Showcase the remax.ca website with these stats! Use on social media or in listing presentations.

Market Share Reports2020-10-19T09:36:41-05:00

#1 market share is a feat worth sharing – to help to spread the good word with clients and showcase your value as a RE/MAX sales associate, we’ve compiled Market Share Reports, updated quarterly.

Market Share Reports
Marketing Portal2020-04-15T08:10:32-05:00

Access RE/MAX logos, media campaign materials, social media shareable content, and much more!

Marketing Portal

Log into RE/MAX’s primary portal for access to all of the tools and resources you need.


Megaphone is designed to push agent-branded marketing collateral to social media. It’s aim is to drive traffic to agent listings, websites, and social media with just a few clicks.

Watch Video

Stay up-to-date with all things RE/MAX!

Online Events Calendar2020-07-07T08:57:50-05:00

View a listing of all of the upcoming events throughout the Ontario-Atlantic. You can filter it by event type like Training, Broker/Owner Meetings, and webinars.

Events Calendar

Photofy creates beautiful branded content in seconds on your mobile device and makes it super easy to deliver value from your phone via email, text and social media.


These webinars will show you how to use some of the most popular features within Photofy and give you more tips and tricks to help you get the most out of your membership!

Photofy Webinars
RE/MAX 360 Tours2020-10-19T09:37:30-05:00

Best of class virtual platform that will help you create 360-degree virtual tours with exceptional lead generation capabilities. RE/MAX INTEGRA Special Pricing!

RE/MAX 360 Tours
RE/MAX Commercial2020-04-15T09:01:42-05:00

Learn all about the tools and resources that the RE/MAX Commercial brand has to offer

RE/MAX Commercial
RE/MAX Hustle2020-03-16T09:50:44-05:00

These fun, innovative marketing tool will help you show off your unique value proposition within RE/MAX.

RE/MAX Hustle
RE/MAX is There2020-07-07T09:47:20-05:00

This one-page brochure can be emailed to your clients to show them what you have to offer and how they can still buy and sell safely.

Consumer Brochure
RE/MAX Logos2020-07-13T12:26:18-05:00

Get access to all of the RE/MAX logos from the Marketing Portal. Whether you need a white version of the logotype or a black and white balloon logo, this is the only place you should be going as it has all of the latest, legal options.

RE/MAX Logos
Brand Manual
RE/MAX Podcasts2020-03-27T12:35:51-05:00

“Now We’re Talking Real Estate” is a series of interviews that takes you on a deep dive into the DNA of top producers in the RE/MAX network.

Now We’re Talking Real Estate

Tune in to RE/MAX’s CEO “Start with a Win” podcast as he shares his journey and thoughts on the real estate industry.

Start a with a Win
RE/MAX Reports2020-10-19T09:38:41-05:00

RE/MAX Reports are distributed throughout the year and are designed to highlight RE/MAX market insights to educate the public and our network.

RE/MAX Stickers2020-03-16T09:53:20-05:00

Looking for a fun way to add RE/MAX branding to your social images? RE/MAX Stickers is a great app that allows you to plug funky stickers into your texts, Instagram and Snapchat stories .

RE/MAX Stickers
RE/MAX University2020-03-18T08:42:12-05:00

Industry leading education on demand including learning tracks. Improve your skills and grow professionally – it all starts at RE/MAX University.

RE/MAX University
RE/MAX vs. Industry2020-03-17T12:29:15-05:00

A great tool to show how compared to other nationals brands, RE/MAX dominates transaction sides, brand awareness, and number of countries.

RE/MAX vs. Industry
Social Media Images2020-07-13T12:25:12-05:00

Share these graphics on your social channels – holidays, special occasions and RE/MAX accomplishments. Login to MAX/Center first, then click the link below.

Social Media Images
The RE/MAX Collection2020-07-28T07:18:25-05:00

Learn all about the tools and resources that The RE/MAX Collection Luxury Brand has to offer.

The RE/MAX Collection – LLC
Luxury Resource Guide
URL Shortener2020-03-18T08:45:07-05:00
URL Shortener

Additional resources are available for RE/MAX Broker/Owners to help grow and maintain their real estate business – the items highlighted below are advantageous to these efforts. Owners can download and customize their own Marketing Resource Presentation. Please note: Agents will not have access to most of the items listed below.

Download Resource Guide Presentation
ATTRACT Virtual Summit Recording2021-01-04T07:49:09-06:00

View the recordings from the ATTRACT Virtual Summit held  by RE/MAX INTEGRA, Ontario-Atlantic.

Awards Material2020-10-19T09:46:06-05:00

Access all award marketing assets to share on social media and in your marketing efforts.

Awards Material
Brand Comparison Checklist2020-10-20T14:00:54-05:00

How do other real estate companies stack up? Use the Brand Comparison checklist with your prospects to show how RE/MAX truly takes the lead.

Brand Sizzle Video2021-01-11T11:31:40-06:00

These videos were designed to aid in your recruiting efforts, showcasing the strength of the RE/MAX brand and how RE/MAX is always out there working for you!

Brand Value Videos2020-10-19T09:46:34-05:00

Share these great brand videos to show what it means to be part of the RE/MAX family.

Brand Value Videos
Build Your Business Recruiting Materials2020-07-13T09:02:38-05:00

Brochures, digital assets, social graphics and flyers for agent attraction.


Link coming soon!

Buyer, Seller, & Client Letters2020-10-19T09:49:37-05:00
Buyer | Seller | Client Letters
Custom Email Signatures2020-10-19T09:36:09-05:00

Download a PowerPoint(.pptx) which you can edit and Export as PNG or JPG file.

Custom Email Signatures
Customizable Social Tiles2020-10-19T09:40:10-05:00

Use these downloadable & customizable social assets for your Agent retention & recruiting!

Customizable URL | joinremax.com2020-03-25T15:54:01-05:00

Create your customized joinremax.com URL in one easy step!

Customize Your URL
Email Value Copy2020-03-25T16:00:33-05:00

Download and send these emails to your current and prospective agents to provide them valuable business building tips.

Email Value
Growth Masters: 2021 Recruiting Program2021-01-11T11:32:57-06:00
This 2021 Recruiting Program includes:
  • Master Classes: The first three weeks of each month, master brokers will share three things they are doing to successfully grow through recruiting, retention and agent development. The sessions include tasks to complete throughout the week to spur business growth.
  • Master Class events: Held the fourth week of every month. Invite your current and prospective agents to participate in events such as Build Your Business with RE/MAX and the new Coaches Corner.
INTEGRA Value Proposition2021-01-04T07:51:04-06:00

Our mission is to foster awareness, adoption, and solidarity around what we do and why we do it so you can in turn convey that to prospects and clients.

Marketing Portal2020-04-15T08:10:32-05:00

Access RE/MAX logos, media campaign materials, social media shareable content, and much more!

Marketing Portal
Marketing | Listing Presentation2020-03-17T14:02:23-05:00

Coming Soon!

New Agent Conversion Kit2020-10-19T09:49:02-05:00

If you’ve brought over a new agent from a competing franchise – get them up and running at the best possible speed with our New Agent Conversion Kit.

New Agent Conversion Kit
Onboarding Presentation2020-03-27T09:50:32-05:00

Download and customize this presentation to get your new agents up and running with the RE/MAX tools and resources.

Coming Soon!

RE/MAX is There2020-10-20T14:01:40-05:00

This three-page brochure highlights how RE/MAX agents are set up to transact safely and effectively. Featuring the wide array of tools that make RE/MAX agents the most equipped in the industry, this brochure is a great tool in your recruitment and retention toolbox.

Recruiting Brochure
Recruiting Playbook and Content Guide2020-07-07T09:50:28-05:00

There are lots of resources for agent attraction and this Recruiting & Retention Content Guide is an easy to follow way to see what’s available through Photofy and MAX/Center.

Recruiting Playbook
Recruiting Presentation2020-03-25T15:38:57-05:00

Utilize these PowerPoint slide decks at your next recruiting presentation. Download an customize with your own office content to explain all of the benefits of the RE/MAX network to a potential new agent.

Recruiting Presentation
Sales Meeting in a Box2020-10-19T09:47:28-05:00

A new library of training resources with each topic meant to be a foundation for you to build upon with your own expertise, ideas, and creativity.

Sales Meeting in a Box
See Yourself at RE/MAX: Customized Marketing Package2020-10-19T09:45:02-05:00
Create a marketing package for potential new agents in just minutes! Type in just a few pieces of info about an agent, and upload their photo to generate RE/MAX branded templates for illustration – they can be downloaded or printed.
See Yourself at RE/MAX
Social Value Posts2020-03-25T15:59:16-05:00

Download these resources for use on your social media channels to provide value to your current and prospective agents.

Social Value
Testimonials & Success Stories2020-10-19T09:45:27-05:00

Every day, our Broker/Owners and Agents are striving to make a difference in their communities and their industry. Enjoy these stories of people in our network who are pushing the envelope and continuing to grow their legacy.

Success Stories
TV Lobby Loop2020-10-19T09:47:53-05:00

Do you have a TV in your lobby? Download and customize the Lobby Loop Powerpoint to showcase all the amazing things about the #1 brand in real estate.

TV Lobby Loop
Yard Sign Templates2020-10-19T09:48:28-05:00

To help remedy non-compliant yard signs, use these templates and print files to help promote the RE/MAX brand in a compliant way.


Need help? Contact Broker & Agent Support. Submit a ticket at MaxHelpsYou.com or schedule a call.

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