It is more than an iconic red, white and blue balloon floating high in sky. It is more than a symbol that stands proudly on the front lawn of a house that holds memories, dreams, and opportunities. For prospective homebuyers and sellers, RE/MAX represents the trust, reliability, and expertise that stands as a firm foundation in their journey to home ownership.

As RE/MAX associates, there is no one who knows that better than you. You are dedicated to continually learning, growing, and building your business, and knowing you have a powerful brand standing behind you means you have one less thing to worry about. To help share the value you provide as a RE/MAX Broker/Owner, we have created the Competitive Intel Series that shares information and statistics on how RE/MAX stacks up to the competition. In this edition, we will be focusing on Century 21, but have previously compared RE/MAX to Keller Williams and Royal LePage which you can see below.

RE/MAX vs. Keller Williams RE/MAX vs. Royal LePage

Below, you will find resources that are a compilation of sourced research and statistics sharing that RE/MAX has more to offer than Royal LePage, and tips that will help you leverage these tools in your business.

  • Share with your clients during your listing presentation
  • Share on social media to show how RE/MAX stands up to the competition
  • Are you looking for content for your blog? Summarize the resources below for a quick, yet informative post
  • Have printouts ready to share at open houses, community events, and networking events

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