For as long as she can remember, Ruby Thambiah of RE/MAX Realty Services Inc. wanted to own her own business. When she discovered her passion for real estate, she knew that in order to be successful in her career and grow her business, she would need the right tools, resources and brand power. So, Ruby joined RE/MAX. But there’s more to her story.

Ruby first emigrated from Sri Lanka as a teenager with no prior work experience. However, she did have plenty of ambition and the goal of becoming her own boss. As a social person who enjoys interacting with and motivating people, she sought a career that allowed her to work closely with others and her community.

“I wanted to help people, and so I wanted my business to provide a service to my community and become someone that could be trusted and relied on.”

Ruby took a job as a full-time secretary at a legal firm. While she enjoyed her work, it didn’t fulfill her desire to be her own boss. During her stint at the legal firm, Ruby was involved in a car accident. She took some time off to recover, and during her down-time she found herself reflecting on her career and goal of becoming a business owner. This led her to the real estate industry.

“I haven’t looked back since.”

She first became a realtor for Home Life Future Realty in 2007, but after six years, she joined RE/MAX Realty Services Inc. She has been a dedicated and successful Agent ever since.

What first attracted Ruby to the RE/MAX brand was its reputation. She saw RE/MAX Agents unrivalled great exposure within their communities. Everywhere she went, she instantly recognized the red-over-white-over-blue branded yard signs. She knew that the RE/MAX brand was a factor in Agents’ success. Ruby hoped to get that same level of exposure and recognition, so she made the decision to join the #1 real estate brand worldwide. 

Upon joining RE/MAX, Ruby instantly saw her business triple. She was given quality training to help her grow her business further, and gained more admiration from her community as a RE/MAX Agent. Ruby believes that she has not only been able to grow her business, but the diversity amongst the RE/MAX network offers an environment where she celebrates and is celebrated for her background and culture. 

“This is extremely important to me as a migrant from Sri Lanka, where I am able to display my background with pride.”

As an advocate for diversity, equity and inclusion, Ruby knows the importance representation has within the real estate industry. As a worldwide brand, RE/MAX offers a diverse network of Agents and an environment of inclusion and equity. As one of  the most diverse countries in the world, this is reciprocated throughout Broker and Agent businesses and continues to be an industry standard that must be upheld. 

“Within my personal life and my business, I advocate for equality and inclusion by ensuring that people of all backgrounds can both receive and provide services as part of the greater community. I try to engage more in challenging conversations about barriers that others may face that I may not be aware of, and make sure that everyone’s voice plays an equal part of the discussion.”

Within her successful career, Ruby has become a Diamond Award Holder (2016-2020), she has received the RE/MAX Lifetime Achievement Award, and has also made the RE/MAX Hall of Fame, Top 100 in Canada and Top 100 in World. 

Ruby looks forward to continuing to grow her business and engage further with her community and the diverse network of individuals that make up RE/MAX.