We are excited to announce that the Treat Accessibly movement continues to grow in 2021!

In 2018, RE/MAX INTEGRA partnered with the grassroots movement Accessible Trick or Treating to help them drive household awareness for their cause –  make trick or treating possible for all children and adults with disabilities, by removing barriers that make getting candy difficult for those with accessibility challenges (e.g. staircases, steep or long driveways, strobe lights or loud noises, crowded front entrances, narrow pathways, etc). 

When a homeowner puts the Accessible Trick or Treating® sign on their lawn, they are making a commitment to make their property accessible to everybody on Halloween. 

This year, Treat Accessibly has partnered with Kinder(R) to make Accessible Trick or Treating a regular part of Halloween in households across Canada. Treat Accessibly will be promoted on point-of-sale displays in over 500 grocery store locations across Ontario, Quebec and the Atlantic region! This partnership helps to further solidify the Treat Accessibly movement, and allows for greater reach of the RE/MAX brand by promoting RE/MAX agents as the exclusive distributor of Accessible Trick or Treating lawn signs.

As a RE/MAX Agent, you are the exclusive distributor or the Accessible Trick or Treating lawn sign.  It is important to share these signs with your clients and community so they can place the signs on their front lawns in the weeks leading up to Halloween. More than 40,000 homeowners across Canada have picked-up a Treat Accessibly sign in the last 2 years, and the program continues to grow each year.

This year, homeowners will be encouraged to visit TreatAccessibly.com, where they will be invited to contact a RE/MAX Agent/Office – the exclusive distributor of the FREE Treat Accessibly Accessible Trick or Treating lawn signs –  to secure their sign. Not only will this help in creating a lead generation funnel for Agents, but it is also helping towards our goal of creating one Treat Accessible home for every disabled child in Canada (400K).

Each RE/MAX office in Ontario and Atlantic Canada will receive a shipment of Accessible Trick or Treating lawn signs.  Additional signs are now available to purchase through this portal!

If your office has run out of signs, remember to order your own to pass out to your existing clients and prospects. CLICK HERE to order your signs.



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400,000 Canadian children and youth live with accessibility issues, making everyday activities a daunting task. This includes trick-or-treating on Halloween, the one activity that many children look forward to each year. Children with accessibility issues feel discouraged due to lack of accessible homes, particularly when siblings and friends can trick-or-treat on Halloween and they’re left behind. Treat Accessibly wants to change that. 

For additional details about the program or to share the full story with your clients, visit treataccessibly.com, and to learn more about being an advocate for accessibility in your business, please check out our accessibility resource page.