Our RE/MAX INTEGRA technology team is working as hard as ever to improve the remax.ca experience for you and your clients. As we’re in the midst of the busy Spring market, we wanted to share an update with you on what’s new on the website and what these exciting changes mean for your remax.ca leads.

Watch this short video from Director of Technology Cameron Laird and Director of PR & Communications Melissa Clemance and hear how these two teams have come together to collaborate on remax.ca!


Off Market Pages on REMAX.ca

In mid-March of 2019, we needed a new type of web page that showcases every single address in Canada — both residential and commercial addresses. Initially, the goal was to get Google to notice and index these pages which contain some basic content about each address:

  • The home address
  • Neighbourhood information
  • Homes for sale nearby
  • The ability to sign up for RE/MAX Radar.

There’s a huge SEO benefit to this approach: it drives more traffic to the site which means more eyeballs on your listings.

What are the results of the off market pages? Pretty spectacular. To date, Google has indexed 5.8 million of these pages with an average “ranking” of being in spot number three when someone Googles that particular address or anything else related to that neighbourhood. Although these “off-market pages” existed on the old site as well, Google indexed “only” 5 million of these pages, so we have already surpassed that amount.

We have now created a holding spot for every address in Canada that Google now has indexed and ranked. If that address is listed for sale, Google doesn’t have to “discover” the address as it’s already been discovered. For addresses that are not for sale, we’ve now poured the foundation to add additional functionality that will be valuable to your clients. Great news all around!

Home Value Estimation

In an effort to add even more functionality and value, each off-market page will offer a home value estimate, courtesy of Teranet! This exciting new feature covers almost all Canadian addresses, giving your clients and potential clients a great starting point to better understand how much their home is worth with accuracy and integrity. This feature will provide a price range for each address, and that’s where your expertise as RE/MAX Brokers and Agents comes in.

We know there are so many factors that contribute to how much a home can sell for. For this reason, we will present customers a price range and point them to the real experts — our RE/MAX agents — to offer a more definitive answer. We expect an increase in lead generation with this. Additionally, it will position RE/MAX as the true expert in both buying and selling real estate.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and remax.ca

Our SEO strategy continues to produce results! There are two components to SEO:
The number of ‘impressions’ our pages show up in Google search results.
The number of ‘clicks” that produces when a user clicks on that impression.

As a general rule, if you don’t have the impressions, you can’t have the clicks. If you have the impressions, then you can work towards optimizing them to get more clicks.

Our SEO strategy has been to bring our impressions back to the same levels of the “old” site and then surpass it. Our technology team is proud to announce that we’re not only back to those levels, but we’re also actually setting new records with certain types of impressions!

The exciting news is our impressions and clicks are only going to continue to increase. There are still more off-market pages to be indexed, we’re adding more content to these pages, and there’s additional further SEO work to be done. More exposure = more traffic = more leads.

Google News Syndication

RE/MAX Canada is officially a Google News Publisher! What does this mean for us? We now have the ability to syndicate news directly to Google. When your clients and prospects are searching for real estate market information or trends, our articles have the chance of directly appearing in these search results. Rather than having to rely on the media to pick up the story and publish it, remax.ca articles are now showing up as news.

With so many competitors vying for consumers’ attention and brand visibility, this Google News syndication puts remax.ca at the top. Along with this boost in brand awareness, we’ll now officially be viewed as an “authoritative” voice for real estate in Canada.

You can now show your prospective clients that our brand is a leading source of Canada’s real estate news and featured prominently. That’s why we’re Canada’s #1 most trusted real estate brand.

Getting featured on Google doesn’t just help with our RE/MAX Canada marketing but it also serves our content in the most visible spots on Google so that you receive traffic based on location, news type, date, and relevance. The average click-through rates when content goes from regular search engine results to Google News spots go from 8% to over 30%. On high volume searches like ‘GTA real estate,’ this will result in 4X the traffic, more leads for you, and it will contribute to RE/MAX being able to claim top traffic performance compared to our competitors.

Stay tuned for more exciting growth on remax.ca!